UPDATE! they found the missing little pony…

3.20.2013 MISSING PONY FOUND – This is up on Netposse.com: (they posted this on their Facebook page )

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I am very happy the innocent pony has been found….in Port Jervis, NY which I learned is on the Delaware River in Orange County, NY – which looks pretty- it is apparently where NY, NJ, and PA meet.

I am however finding myself conflicted on this whole thing.  The netposse report indicates the pony was missing for a month.  So how do you not know where one of your animals is for a month unless you are on some ginormous ranch in Montana?

Who is the barn owner who sold a horse without paperwork?  Is that even legal?  And who is this family who was leasing the pony?  How do you just up and ditch a pony you are basically renting?  And if you were leasing a pony or horse that was beloved to your children would  you want it some place close to you or farther away?

Again, I don’t own horses, so I don’t know.  However can it be said that Ms. JB should have take away from this?  Can she understand now why people who adopt horses from her rescue get frustrated? Worried? Upset?

I noticed that there was a cash reward offered for safe return of the pony?  Maybe she can pay back some of what she owes to these other people out there who are upset with her rescue “business”?

And for the record, I truly want to believe all of this played out as Ms. JB said because can you say it would just be too awful to contemplate anything else because children are involved as well as an innocent pony?

Seriously St. Francis must be looking out here.  After all, that report above indicates the pony went missing a month and two days ago.  Truly, it is a miracle.


From before:

pony 7So yesterday was a flurry of horsification.  I posted “carol’s story”  and a child’s pony went missing.

Yesterday it was noted that Off the Track Thoroughbred Rescue seemed off-line both on website and Facebook page.  Now it’s back. It’s back with a missing pony notice:


I also saw this on Camelot Horse Weekly:


So we all understand – this stuff is posted in a multitude of places with multiple photos publicly.   I am showing cropped screen shots because I do not want to post clear photos of someone’s kids even to help them find a lost pony without their permission.  Especially given who this pony went missing from, capice?

Today this missing pony is posted everywhere and the chatter is the pony was being “free” leased (no clue what that is) somewhere.   Anyway, so there was some sort of lease arrangement and then supposedly the people leasing her did not pay barn fees or something?  And then the barn owner sold the pony?

So wait, stop.  How can someone just sell a pony without paperwork? Aren’t little ponies supposed to have those coggins things too?  Now the barn owner who sold the pony and the leasing family are not named anywhere, and well wouldn’t you consider naming names to get your pet back? If this is all true, don’t they have accountability?

Anyway, I am going to be the bigger person and the SOLE reason I am posting this is somewhere out there is a very upset little girl, and for the sake of the poor pony.  This is what was posted with the photo on Camelot Horse Weekly:

This is Toodles, She is a small 12.2h pony that was being leased in PA, the owner just found out she was sold wihtout her knowing and is desperately searching to find the beloved pony, please keep an eye out for toodles. More Pictures can be seen at Jessica Troxell Basciano facebook page and you can also contact her with ANY information.

Toodles Last seen in Kennett Square breech of contract sold. At New Holland and then sold by Don Martin at New Holland outside. If you have seen this pony or if she is in your barn Please contact Jessica. She is offering a reward for her safe return.

The idea of any creature being sold anywhere near New Holland makes my blood run cold.

I do however have to say one thing and that is how do you not know where your animals are? Nevertheless, if you have seen this pony, the pony should go home to that child, right?  Two innocents should not get caught up in some funky snarl, right?

But since the woman who is missing this pony runs a horse rescue where people have been upset on how animals changed hands,are occasionally missing paper work like health records and coggins, shouldn’t she maybe be more understanding of people and their needs with regards to horses? As in not only keeping the horses the way they deserve to be kept but keeping good and accurate records too?

So I am going to ask all of you something: in spite of whose pony this is, if you have seen it, contact her.  Do the right thing for the sake of a child and an innocent animal.

I will say however the timing of this is rather cute.  And that is opinion, and opinion is a God-given right.

I will also say this: something needs to give on how horses and ponies change hands at New Holland. 

UPDATE: This like all the other things of a horse nature is swirling around and around.  Some of the pony photos have been shared widely on FB which means people are seeing comments about it.  This was sent to me.  I will say I am trying not to judge and I feel sorry for the little girl who now has no pony and I truly hope the pony is o.k. and safe.   I hope that pony finds it’s way home.


10 thoughts on “UPDATE! they found the missing little pony…

  1. Im so confused. The horse was on free lease. The ‘leasee’ didn’t pay the barn owners where the horse was boarded? Why wsn’t the horse boarded at Jessica’s? The pony has been missing for a month and we are just hearing this news? Everything attached to Jessica and this horse rescue she runs smells fishy. Im sorry. I dont want to sound uncaring but which child is hurt? The ‘leasee”? Whose parents didnt pay the barn owner? Or Jessica?

  2. I think it would help, if this story wasn’t so vague. I mean did this man sell the pony to the Amish or was she sold to people like us? I think that would be an immense help in knowing that.

    Also the fact that this man, Don Martin, can’t remember which barn he sold to is quite odd, if you think about it. I mean it’s only been a month and he can’t remember where the pony was sold too?

    I’m also confused about the boarding facility, where this pony was being kept and who sold the pony. For one thing for them to legally do that they would have had to go to court and get ownership of the pony turned over to them to legally be able to sell this pony. That is a process that can take many, many months to do. Also didn’t they know the pony was a leased pony? Didn’t they have it in their records who the pony actually did belong to and wouldn’t they have called the rightful owner to come and get her? Would a boarding facility really risk a lawsuit by doing this?

    I also agree with the above commentator, Sam. Why wait a whole month to spread the word about this pony? If this had been my pony as soon as it went missing I would have been shouting from the rooftops to get it back.

    Also there is no mention of who was leasing the pony or the barn where it was boarded. I think most caring horse owners would like the names. We wouldn’t want to lease our horses or ponies to this person or have one of our equines boarded at a facility that doesn’t seek the facts before selling a horse or pony off into the unknown.

    Not to make light of this situation, but to me, it really doesn’t add up or make much sense. Also this description really doesn’t shed enough light on the situation to help get the pony back.

  3. I am a horse person in this area …dig deeper under the hood on this one. I am sure the pnoy just didn’t show up at New Holland without any breakdown in communication between owner and leasee. Trust me, a pony just isn’t just shipped away to New Holland for now reason. Could leasee have tried to give pony back but owner unresponsive, so pony considered abandon? Could leasee have asked for reimbursement for ferrier or vet bills and owner did not pay? Just asking…. There are so many unanswered questions here, just sad all around.

  4. I must say that I laughed so hard as I agree with everyone above. The Muck bucket came and stuck as this is what she has done to others and the court records do not lie on how many barn contracts have been broken and judgement placed against her. I guess it goes to show the lack of record keeping as some of those whom have had dealings with this “rescue” are still fighting for information so while I feel for the child (maybe) the operations stinks like a big ol muck pile…

  5. Well, I hate to burst Mrs. Basciano’s bubble, but the only person she can go after is the person she leased the pony too. That is who this all starts with.

    She can not sue the people where this pony was being boarded with. They most likely were just following their rules on handling a non paying boarder. The fault again is on the leaser of this pony who should have notified Mrs. Basciano of the fact they could no longer keep the pony.

    As for filing a police report, I do believe that this would be something they would say is a civil matter and would have to be approached in the courts. I can’t see overworked police officers bending over backwards to find a pony, can you?

    If Mrs. Basciano does happen to get lucky and find Toodles and I truly hope she does, the people who now own the pony is not required to relinquish the pony back to her. They didn’t know the circumstances surrounding the pony when they bought it and can not be held to blame in any of it. If the new owners are willing to sell the pony then Mrs. Basciano can purchase the pony back and take the leaser to court for the amount she paid.

    Again it goes back to the person that this pony was leased too. She can take the leaser to court and sue them for the amount that the pony was worth. She’ll also have to prove the pony was worth said amount. Having had a similar thing happen to me many years ago I am just putting forth what I was told by a lawyer.

    I also hope that Mrs. Basciano had a lease contract between herself and the person she entrusted her pony with and it was in writing. If not it becomes a he said/ she said kind of ordeal. Mrs. Basciano will have to prove she owned the pony, meaning a sales receipt,or adoption paperwork.

    I do truly hope that this adorable little pony is found and she is safe! It’s a horrible thing that Toodles is now the one paying the price for unscrupulous people and stupidity!

  6. Amazing how Ms.JB has judgements against her for breech of many contracts???? Non payment of.how many????? Reward????? Pay ya judgements!!!!

  7. I’m confused…first she says the pony was taken by the barn owner and sold off because the leaser of the pony failed to pay board, but yet the above on netposse makes it sound like the pony was stolen? Taken from the barn?

    Who was the leaser? What is the name of barn where the pony was boarding and taken from? How many times will this story change?

    Also, if the pony was suppose to be with her forever, why was it being leased out in the first place?

    I have also read horror stories, of how horses and ponies end up being illegally sold off and people are still looking for them. How was she able to find this pony so fast, after it was missing for a month? Most people are looking for months on months and still no word about their missing equine.

    I just find this whole story bizarre with so many different tellings of it and lack of detail that it gives me a headache trying to absorb it.

    I also find it odd that she reports her pony missing a few hours after “Carol’s Story” is posted on this blog. I mean how crazy coincidental is that? First a story about her ripping off a handicapped girl and then a few hours later her children’s beloved pony is missing? It had me scratching my head and pondering the timing of it all.

    I am very happy that the little pony was found and that her kids and herself must be relieved and are in good spirits. All’s well that ends well!

    We can only hope that Carol will also get a good ending for her handicapped daughter as well, so she and her daughter can have some peace, closure and healing.

  8. No barn sells a pony for non payment after only 18 days.. That alone is not legal. It takes 60 days for a lien to be inforceable. Not 18. I know several barn owners who could recoup a ton of lost money if they could simply sell horses after 18 days of non payment. Common sense says this is another ploy to distract from bad deeds. I wonder when her township will wake up and realize they have put a criminal in charge of audits?

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