lush life

DSC_0001Lush life, indeed. More predictable and plentiful than spring daffodils, the Pinnacle Vodka bottles are back.  They are tossed on several lawns again on Route 352 between Paoli Pike and the intersection of King Road.

DSC_0004Too many bottles of the same thing being tossed to be coincidence.  Today they showed variety and an empty bottle of equally rot gut Smirnoff was tossed along with the two empty Pinnacle Vodka bottles.

Eventually whomever is doing this will get caught.  Apparently they want to pickle their liver(s), which is their business.  Just wish they would stop littering and drinking and driving (which one can assume they are doing).



5 thoughts on “lush life

  1. Littering has become the norm recently along the Sugartown/Paoli Rd. area we have noticed, and for that reason we are sooooooo greatful we no longer live in that area any longer. It has become a garbage pit along the side of the road and the twp. just doesn’t care to clean it up anymore. It’s very sad what has become of the Willistown Twp. area. It used to be such a gorgeous place to live, put NOT ANY MORE!!!!!!

  2. Rot gut Smirnoff???

    I’ll have you know that I did a very sophisticated blind taste test, and as an avid vodka drinker, of like to report that Smirnoff actually beat Ketle One, Skyye, Absolut, Svedka, Tito’s and something else quite handily….however, I do still prefer Grey Goose, but considering how much I drink, sadly, it is not an economically feasible choice. I actually ditched from Skyye to Smirnoff. However, if Skyye is on sale,.I’ll stock up…


    P.S. I haven’t noticed any Pinnacle bottles in my part of Schuylkill township…

  3. Alcoholics often have spouses/significant others who are wise to their drinking problem so they can’t do it at home as they try and hide it.

    In advanced alcoholism where the alcoholic is drinking at least a fifth a day, bars are too expensive unless s/he has a lot of money. Plus, bars cut you off. Plus, they don’t want people seeing how much they drink. Someone they know could be at the bar. It’s a sneaky disease of denial and deceit.

    The alcoholic will leave the house for an “errand” or to “workout”, go to the liqueur store (usually different ones as buying a fifth a day form the same clerk is a give away), and drive around drinking the stuff. This is typical alcoholic behavior – and extremely dangerous to the public due to the drinking and driving. Then they just throw the empty bottle out of the window to get rid of the evidence after the last swill.

    An alcoholic may dive drunk multiple hundreds of times like this before getting pulled over or in an accident, or s/he may get caught much sooner. They make sure they obey the speed limit and stop lights and tend to drive rural roads.

    With the tolerance they build up, these very heavy drinkers can actually drive reasonably well with a lot of alcohol on their system and often get away with it for some time. All drunk divers are dangerous, but the most dangerous ones are often people who are not heavy drinkers but really go to town one night and get behind the wheel. They have no tolerance built up, so their driving ability is really impaired.

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