file under slow down

5There are always accidents on Route 352 (North Chester Road).  One of the most accident prone spots is where Forrest Lane meets Route 352 (North Chester). There was another one of those accidents this afternoon around 5 p.m.

Route 352 (North Chester Road) is a PENNDot Road.  I don’t know what can be done, but it might help if people slowed down and paid attention




4 thoughts on “file under slow down

  1. I hope that you were taking those photos from the passenger seat and not while driving…..

    • I actually took those photos while stopped in a line of traffic. I don’t text and drive, I don’t drive and shoot. I was stopped- In case you missed it there was a huge line of traffic. So we got let through a few cars at a time

      • Wow. defensive much? nothing in the second photo is consistant with yours being a stopped vehicle. The other direction is clearly stopped, pd waiving your direction on, straddling the double yellow as would not allow opposing vehicles to pass, no brake lights in front… first photo – again, no brake lights in front, back in your own lane, no obstruction visible in yours or opposing lane, looks like you are moving here too.

        kind of ironic your indignation at people not paying attention and you pass through an accident scene risking injury to yourself, other passers-by, bystanders, and first responders. Please put your phone down regardless whether you are moving, or stopped in traffic. Thank you.

      • I am being defensive, because I never use my phone while driving. All of my friends, family, and those who know me will attest to that fact. I don’t even use the hands-free answering device for my cell phone that is in my car. I can’t be responsible for whatever the car was doing ahead of me, or whatever it was that led you to believe that I was snapping photos while driving, but I wasn’t. So don’t roll up here like you are CSI or something and tell me something that did not happen. I think we’re done here, and this conversation is now over.

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