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YSI_ValentineThere is damage control coming out of Yellow Springs Inn this evening.  And I can tell you one thing I don’t know who wrote it but it definitely wasn’t his publicist. She knows the restaurant and hospitality business and this slightly defensive Magna Carta is not her style at all. (Here is PDF of Yellow Springs Update)  And I do believe the photo used in the missive is one I took.  (Glad to see they are getting use out of the photos!)

Anyway, as many of my faithful readers know I had posted almost a week ago that my sources told me that Yellow Springs Inn was closing. I also said at that time that I had yet to speak to Charlie Orlando of Yellow Springs Inn or his publicist.

Charlie Orlando, naturally, was upset when he found out about the post.  He is a self-admitted computer and Internet Luddite, so someone must have told him to look at the post.

He and I texted back and forth over the weekend – I had been away and then had company. He said to me (and I quote) “There is some definite misinterpreting of the current situation and future plans.”  He went on to say “I am a lot smarter than that and if that is what someone told you, they had better check their sources.”

So as a favor and special courtesy to Charlie and until I did more research, I made the post private.  The post also referenced his new business venture. Basically, it wasn’t so hard to figure out.  It’s a place up in Berk’s County called Cab Frye’s which is another restaurant that was having a tough time in the economy.

Here are two articles:

Cab Frye’s to be sold By Karen L. Miller/ Reading Eagle

Edward J. Galgon Jr. finds a buyer who will maintain the fine-dining restaurant he has owned for 20 years


New owner to take over Cab Frye’s in Palm By Ryan Kneller/The Morning Call

I went to Berks County Public Records to see if any of the deed transfer relating to the sale had been posted and something had posted :

Then I went to the searchable database Pennsylvania has and looked up 914 Gravel Pike LLC the new owner.  This is what I found:

1657 Art School Road is the address of the Yellow Springs Inn at the Jenny Lind House, correct? So either the ghost of Jenny Lind is acquiring real property or someone at Yellow Springs Inn bought something bigger than a bread box, right?

I was just going to leave this all alone but in part I feel that the e-mail blast that someone sent out for Charlie Orlando is aimed at me and anyone else who has been speculating on the future of the Yellow Springs Inn (and for what it is worth that is a LOT of people).  I realize that a lot of people in Chester County don’t really know me as a blogger, but I have been doing it for years.  I also do my research.  And in this case people NOT in the restaurant industry or anything remotely involved sent me stuff. And what I have seen is not pretty.  I do not see this business as being sustainable.  I am not trying to be mean, that is my opinion. And legally, I am entitled to that.

And this missive sent out earlier this evening also doesn’t make sense. I have friends who own and have  owned restaurants, bars, clubs, and so on.  I have never heard of someone buying a liquor license in one county and using it in two counties have you?


So how can you on a “limited” basis use the liquor license in  both Chester County and Berks County? I was told one license per address once upon a time, is that not true? Has something changed?

As for the “re-branding” I do not pretend to be a marketing maven, but I wish them the best.  Common sense dictates that operating two places at least 40 minutes apart will be difficult, right? Has Charlie Orlando cloned his talented Chef-Wife Barbara or himself?

As far as the liquor license goes I know a lot of people (myself included) wrote letters  of support to West Pikeland on behalf of the Orlandos and Yellow Springs Inn so they could have a liquor license again (they had one at the first Inn location up the street but was that license with the building he rented perhaps? I never really knew, or cared truthfully.) So I am not as facile at noodling around on the PA LCB website as some other websites, but this is what I found on the liquor license referred to in today’s e-mail blast:

liquor license

Then I did a second search on the PA LCB website – this time strictly for West Pikeland Township, Chester County:

liquor license west pikeland2

Wow that ghost of Jenny Lind is busy. I found another license pending transfer. To a Gorick Enterprises. So I went back to the PA Corporations Database and searched again:

liquor license west pikeland

There is that Rick Orlando name again.  I am guessing that is a relative of Charlie Orlando’s? A brother maybe? Why not just say so?  I would be thrilled to be in business with my sister and many people go into business with siblings, right?

So anyway, obviously change is afoot at Yellow Springs Inn.  What was sent out today only makes people more curious.

Will both places survive?  I am sure by sometime in the fall we will know definitively.  I just wish the swirl of confusion would settle down.

What needs to happen is for some restaurant honesty – restaurants open and close, change and evolve – it is part of the cycle of business.  It’s all how you handle the news. And disseminate it.

As my late grandmother who was Pennsylvania German used to say tell the truth and shame the devil.

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  1. I don’t understand why you are bring so snarky. Who cares who write it? Why does it matter to you of if things are in a relative’s name? I know there are a LOT of issues at Yellow Springs, but I don’t understand why you have to write about as if a massive deception is afoot. Your blog last week made it seem something extremely underhanded was occurring

    • Sue does it hurt riding both sides of the fence? You have spent enough time at that restaurant that I would find it hard to believe you didn’t hear what I heard. My blog last week wasn’t underhanded in the least and I suggest you watch it. My blog last week merely reported what I had been told and was very kind all things considering. Of course a lot of what fueled my curiosity was the sheriff sale thing- and that is all on the public record. The reality is if I was a traditional reporter covering this people would not be riding my rear on this. Do I hope they make it? Yes, but all this whisper around the village and poorly written constant contact email blasting is only fueling further speculation.

  2. Sorry…I hit post on my comment prematurely…please delete…thank you!

  3. Unfortunately, I hit “post” prematurely on my first comment and had to stop and feed critters.

    Hmmmm…”riding both sides of the fence”…I’m not sure what that means. I know exactly what the “issues” are concerning Yellow Springs. What I don’t understand is why you feel it is
    your place to publicize it, particularly in your first blog, when you hadn’t even talked to Charlie. Yes, it is public record, but if Charlie and his family are trying to figure out a way to save Yellow Springs Inn from failing, I just don’t understand why you would write about it in a negative light, as if there is a major conspiracy affecting our lives, and you are the one that uncovered it. It just seems ridiculous. How is what Charlie is doing affecting your life or mine or anyone’s? It really only affects the people that do business with him at this point.

    I also don’t understand why you have to make it all appear so shady. Maybe if you had allowed Charlie to work out all of the legalities and make his own announcement, this would be welcome news…instead, you’ve made it appear as the latest conspiracy du jour.

    I, personally, would love to see you put your investigative acumen to better use and go after Goldman Sachs and their total control over the ability of everyone to purchase aluminum, thus their ability to make tons of money on the futures trading of same, and why this is legal and no one is going to prison. Just a thought…

    • I am not debating how and why I choose to blog. I felt like writing about it, so what? I did not write “negatively” I just wrote. If I was say, Craig LeBan or Michael Klein or a national food writer writing about this you would probably not say a word. If I was writing for The Daily Local no one would say a word. But because I am just a lowly blogger, I am taking heat. I am not the Villain in this multi-act play. And I won’t take that responsibility on, either. If Yellow Springs Inn doesn’t make it, it will be a shame, but I did not cause it. And that, Sue, is the bottom line.

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