now that’s italian


So I got my weekly email from the East Goshen Farmers Market and they said they had this chef/author coming. So I checked her out at the market, and maybe it is just an Italian thing, but so fun!!!

The book is called Gravy Wars and it is by Lorraine Ranalli. Part cookbook, part memoir, and all fun! If you know anyone who is Italian, especially Philadelphia Italian, they will love it! Even if you are not Italian….you will love it!

If you belong to a book or cooking club, I would ask her to come- she is that fun! And besides, a few recipes better than mama makes ? Nothing wrong with that either!


2 thoughts on “now that’s italian

  1. It’s SAUCE, not gravy. Gravy is what you put on meat. My parents grew up in Italy and I spent my summers there. Not sure where gravy originate….

    • Most of my family call it sauce. BUT a couple elderly great aunts used to call it gravy. My northern Italian descended relatives blamed it on southern Italians

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