crumbling colonial next to clews and strawbridge in frazer

next to clews and strawbridge

Look at it crumble. Astounding.  Soon the vines that twist and cover will own what I believe to be an 18th century house next to Clews & Strawbridge on Route 30 in Frazer, PA.  Does anyone know anything about this? And is this the ultimate historic preservation in what I assume is East Whiteland? Structures just molder until they completely rot away? So if I am say, “Getting on Board With Bill”, is this what I am signing up for? Should things like this that rot (Loch Aerie, Linden House, Ebenezer AME just to name a few in East Whiteland) be considered accomplishments during his tenure? I am a realist, and I know that not every old house can be saved, nor every truly historic structure, but wow, it just seems like East Whiteland Supervisors need to kick it up a notch, don’t they?  Why can’t they ask all these deep pocketed developers in the Township to assist?

Where is historic preservation in East Whiteland? I mean other than what Immaculata has accomplished for Duffy’s Cut that is?

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  1. Sadly it comes down to money, Loch Aerie “sold” at auction but the Tabas family declined to finalize because it wasnt enough (800,000 if i remember right) Linden Hall developer has a high value on the acreage, there was an approved plan for a shopping center behind it back in the 90s that never happened….so the house is an afterthought. These historic sites to us are strictly assets to appreciate (or not) to their owners…..Margaret Clews would be horrified at what has happened to her home next to the boat dealership….it was perfect in her day.

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