what is the deal with this property in east whiteland?


When I first moved to Chester County and first drove up or down Route 352 (known as Sproul Road here) in East Whiteland I used to wonder about some of the properties that are a bit run down between the intersection of King Road and Frazer Road.

But there was this one place was the one that looked well on it’s way to vacant for lack of a better description.

When you turn on Sproul Road/352 at Route 30 (at the light where “Linden Hall” rots), first you go over the railroad bridge and then you drive under the underpass. On the other side of the underpass just past the turn off for Frazer Road on the right is this weird mostly flat fronted structure with greenish colored siding in places sitting almost on the road. To me it looks like a multi-dwelling unit structure. Maybe it was a boarding house in a former life? (I have no idea how old the building is.)

When I first moved out here I used to see the occasional truck parked in the back in the lot on the left side. Yet when I occasionally went by at night I never saw a light. I have not seen evidence of anyone actually living there in a year. It just looks empty and as if it is falling into even more of a state of disrepair.

This is not a place where you can just stop and take photos from the street, so the one posted was snapped as a passenger in a car in early 2013. A couple of weeks ago I noticed the bottom most door was ajar. I have driven past a few more times since then, the most recently being this past Saturday afternoon. The same door was just sagging open…still. And no obvious signs of life – no cars and so on.

So does anyone live in this place or is it empty and abandoned ? Drive by yourselves and look (carefully). It is a VERY busy road. A highway in PennDOT land as a matter of fact.

It is a fair question to ask if this is empty and/or abandoned because there are a lot of structures like this dotting Chester County, and even in East Whiteland. And they aren’t just farmhouses or barns. They are commercial and residential structures.

Another thing that made me ask was the article that appeared in mid-October on Malvern Patch about that former Malvern Meeting House Restaurant and Bar on Lancaster Avenue. That place is one of the truly abandoned places in East Whiteland and the article reported homeless people living in the building.

So anyway, if anyone knows anything about this property on Sproul Road or 352 in Malvern / Frazer East Whiteland, please post.