snow rose

rose in winterIt is very cool to be seeing my garden in winter covered in snow.  Here is a lone rose hip covered in snow from yesterday. I miss my flowers, but author Suzy Bales is right about the beauty of garden in winter.

She says (and I quote):

Ironically,  winter is when we need color the most but it is the season least planned and  planted for color.  Although a lone  flower blooming in a snowy bed gives my heart a jolt, it’s the complementary  combinations of plants that make a winter landscape endearing.

Winter  is a fascinating season, a time to closely watch changes in plants. It is when  I have seen miracles and been confounded by mysteries. Everything has a story  to tell and secrets to reveal, from the design of a snowflake and the patterns  of frost, to the first flowers piercing the cold ground, their blooms resting  on a snowy pillow.


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  1. our snowdrops were blooming almost two weeks ago….they are so confused…and so am i…we really didnt have a cold snap long enough to fool them into thinking we were ready for their January thaw. delightful yes, but i will miss them in February. Nature always surprises us!

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