when lisa vanderpump comes to town….

My friend Trish went to the Ardmore Wine and Spirits Store yesterday to celebrate a little rosé all day!

Lisa Vanderpump of Bravo fame (Vanderpump Rules and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) was in town with her daughter Pandora to sell their namesake rosé.

She sold out!

As a rosé drinker, I look forward to trying it when back in stock.

Many thanks to my friend Trish for letting me use her fun photos!

Thank goodness she left Jax in L.A.!

snow rose

rose in winterIt is very cool to be seeing my garden in winter covered in snow.  Here is a lone rose hip covered in snow from yesterday. I miss my flowers, but author Suzy Bales is right about the beauty of garden in winter.

She says (and I quote):

Ironically,  winter is when we need color the most but it is the season least planned and  planted for color.  Although a lone  flower blooming in a snowy bed gives my heart a jolt, it’s the complementary  combinations of plants that make a winter landscape endearing.

Winter  is a fascinating season, a time to closely watch changes in plants. It is when  I have seen miracles and been confounded by mysteries. Everything has a story  to tell and secrets to reveal, from the design of a snowflake and the patterns  of frost, to the first flowers piercing the cold ground, their blooms resting  on a snowy pillow.