7 thoughts on “where did they go? one could only WISH a developer would go AWAY out here…

  1. Dev stopped for a while. Glad to see it resume. Looking forward to center.

  2. This ambitious project stalled in 2009-10 with a huge fight between Brian O’Neill from O’Neill properties and Citizens bank. The legal battle began with a loan default on an office building at the East Whiteland ‘Uptown Worthington’ site and eventually turned into an $8 Billion dollar suit by O’Neill against Citizens Bank. Yes, $8 Billion.

    It was eventually amended to $297 Million in damages sought by O’Neill, claiming the bank’s action caused large anchor stores to drop out of the project. The case was settled in December 2011 but the amount was not disclosed.

    This is the site of the old Worthington Steel Mill and, as a ‘brownfield’, O’Neill spent a small fortune cleaning it up and blasting away rock to create flat land for the development.

    Malvern Patch reported in late 2012 that stores planned for Uptown included Orvis, REI, LA Fitness, Starbucks, Redstone Grill, Stephen Starr restaurants, Bobby Flay burgers, and a movie theater. Residential units would be apartments with plans for future conversion to condos. Offices would be designed to attract high tech companies. Combined with the existing Wegmans and Target, this project will be massive.

  3. early plans started in late nineties and bldgs were alot higher and more dense than what is on the boards now. Its been a very long process and in reading old patches lots of folks are excited at the prospects of this complex with dining and movie theater etc. Tim’s synopsis was excellent. I go back to the early 60s here so i miss alot of what we have lost, like the 1740 Bartholomew house on this site that Rouse tore down without a permit,…..

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