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lc1They say photos are worth a thousand words.

Nothing like a shopping center slum lord in the snow, right? Has anyone else been to Lincoln Court Shopping Center recently as in during or after any of the recent weather???

That lot is challenging on a good day with clear weather, now it is so bad that personal injury lawyers should just hang out in the parking lot every day.

lc3Yes I know it is a challenge to keep anything clean in this weather, but these commercial property owners are supposed to try to make it safe for business owners and their employees and their customers, aren’t they?  And here even the handicap spots aren’t even properly cleared and aren’t they supposed to be by law?

And someone told me this is the same property owner that owns over where Frazer Post Office and Peppridge Farm is too?

Most municipalities do have rules that commercial properties must abide by so does East Whiteland ever look into stuff like this? Anyway, be careful especially in Lincoln Court.

lc5I know many people who own chunks of commercial properties in the Northeast as well as small businesses struggling in this weather, and I know they are all having issues of clearing snow and finding places to put it. But can’t this Lincoln Court property owner get snow hauled off and say ask other property owners that own large stretches of field near there if they can pay them to put the extra snow there? Or ask East Whiteland if they have any places extra snow can go? There has to be a solution, right? Or is it this commercial property owner only cares about collecting the rents?

This winter has been brutal, God knows but people should be able to navigate safely in this lot and right now they can’t.  Businesses need business from customers to pay the rent. But if customers and employees can’t navigate safely  how the heck are all these businesses supposed to generate the income to pay the rent?

And is it true that according to East Whitelnd’s own code this  center should have nearly 900 spaces?  Someone told me that as per property management site  (which I have not seen because I don’t know who it is…yet) there are approximately 592 parking spaces? (Except some City Feet listing I found says 771 parking spaces?)  This is probably all grand-fathered, right? But aren’t all lots with 60 or more spaces  supposed to have a pedestrian path or walkway from one side to the other?

Whatever, I am totally confused as to how many spaces a shopping center of this size should have.  That is for East Whiteland to figure out.  All I know is the parking lot conditions could be considered hazardous to the average citizen, and well it is the site of our local Drivers License Center, grocery store, QVC outlet and so on. It is always busy except for now because it is ridiculous. SO why isn’t it cleaned up better???

East Whiteland is a municipality where there is a LOT of commercial property compared to residential and the news that does eeek out from the non-televised and non-recorded meetings indicate they are always courting more commercial projects, so why not have the older shopping centers like this look better, feel better and be better too? Mind you, I am not blaming East Whiteland for this parking lot debacle in the sense of it is not really cleaned up safely or properly, that is all on the property owner whomever they are, right? Just food for thought as more commercial sites grow, right?


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  1. lincoln Ct intends to expand to the intersection of Malin and 30—where the restaurant was demo’d. If they cant rent what they have and it gets shabbier by the year, why expand? sadly, it appears there is no way to tie expansion permits to “spruce up and take care of what you already own”….with the steep pitch to the lot for pushing a grocery cart and uncleared areas it is a scary place for a senior. Not sure of ownership but agree that the Frazer PO lot is also bad. So many islands and snow piles too high to see over! A little extra salt outside the PO entry would be nice….asking too much??

  2. As a former tenant that was forced out by the landlords lies and bad management I agree, this is bad. Especially for what the property manager charged for CAM. No excuses! Really bad for both customers and the retailers trying to make a living. You neglected to get a picture of the 2 cars that were literally covered and damaged by the snow plows that week.

    The property manager also forced the pizza shop (mediteranio) to close after 13 years. After a fire, burst pipe and the owner suffering stroke over the stress. Joe, the owner of the Pizza shop was forced to turn in his keys to the property manager and just walk away.

    The property manager forced out the Hallmark store after 15 years by putting in a dollar store that sells $1 balloons, wrap paper and cards!

    The property manager violated a no compete clause with Cheeburger-Cheeburger!

    Please do the research. I found that the center is 35% under code for parking for a center its size. NOT including restaurant’s which have a HIGHER code requirement. How did this happen. Whos running the township that approved this? Add the DMV which hogs up 50-100+ cars a day for hours and you have a bad parking problem for the tenants! Try and run a retail business with no parking! Fail!

    I know Giant is not doing well. Be a shame if they closed!

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