more stupid human tricks


Yesterday I wrote a post about the Chester County SPCA and overnight I was inundated with comments and even a couple of direct e-mails. Most of which I simply deleted.

One of the comments outed the volunteer I alluded to in my post yesterday. Like I was hiding who it was or like they are some some awful person. I wasn’t and she isn’t .

My thing with this latest CCSPCA stupid human trick is simple:

The Chester County SPCA is a non-profit that supposedly exists for animal welfare. Is it even about animal welfare any longer? It wasn’t so long ago that political leaders came in and declared a new day and sweeping changes. Yet here we are a few months later and the news that keeps leaking out is worse than ever. And I am sorry but I have a BIG problem with a non-profit that uses local municipal police resources as “muscle”. I had a problem with it the last time too.

I think it is wrong.

Maybe because I just went through major surgery or because my mother has been in the hospital I am more contemplative and less tolerant. Trust me, when you feel like a truck ran you over you can get cranky and introspective. Even in a post-anesthesia fog you have plenty of time to think.

Or maybe I am just sick of stupid human tricks.

Did anyone else read the article about the historic barn that got torched the other day? The Daily Local says they are looking at arson and who does things like that? I love the barns of Chester County as you all know. I keep looking at the article photograph of a pile of cinders and rubble and am wondering if it is one I photographed. This is a hurtful, pointless, destructive stupid human trick.

Another stupid human trick are people obsessed with people in the hospital. I had someone track me down in the hospital that I am not close to. I tried not to feel like my space was invaded but the truth is I couldn’t. It felt like they were looking for something to talk about and I know that sounds awful. It was not the same feeling at all as when one of my very dear friends just popped in unexpectedly. I was so glad to see her as we had not caught up in a while.

As a human being I know what is important and what is the minutia that should be tuned out and released back into space to swirl like the unimportant nonsense that it is. Human nature is a tricky experiment and people disappoint. I have begun to release the disappointing people. I can only be responsible for my actions, not theirs. The minutia, their minutia is not my problem to deal with.

Their minutia = their behavior = their problem = their personal accountability or lack thereof.

So I am releasing the minutia. I am going to be selfish and concentrate on my own healing. I don’t need the stress and negative energy. I also did not design this blog to be a negative space. I designed this blog to be about my journey and whatever I wish to express myself about. A creative space.

We are all lucky to get up and breathe and live every day. And we shouldn’t forget that. Life is a gift and so is love.

Have a great day. Find the beauty and magic in the every day and ordinary and embrace it.

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