thankful thursday

DSC_4209I am thinking #ThrowBackThursday is a hashtag getting a bit overdone.

So how about switching it up a bit?

What about #ThankfulThursday?  Isn’t #ThankfulThursday a hash tag with heart? I like the sound of #ThankfulThursday, don’t you?

I was thinking this morning as I tended my garden, how thankful I am for my life as it exists now. It is not perfect every moment of every day, no life is, but it’s terrific.  To love and be loved and to be alive is an amazing thing. To be happy is a gift in and of itself.

A few short years ago my life might have been very, very different.

Which makes me even more thankful.

What are you #thankful for?  Start a new trend, celebrate #ThankfulThursday !