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All yes the season has arrived. Not fall, but the season where we open our mailboxes to far too many political mailers. There is no subtlety involved as it is an almost daily barrage from both parties. My position is, save a tree don’t flood my mailbox. I also am of the mindset that I prefer not to get my email inundated either.

Today we received a giant expensive multi–page glossy mailer mailer from the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee. For Manan Trivedi.

Now I have met Dr. Trivedi, and I found him to be a very nice person, but he’s not the person to represent me. I did not feel when I lived in Montgomery County that a man who was from Berks County could really represent my interests in Congress. I still feel that way as a Chester County resident.

I also want to rid myself early of all the glossy mailers that are going to clog up my mailbox and recycle bin. So since it is September and this is my first one I called up the campaign number listed on the glossy mailer. The lady who answered the phone at 484-329-7907 could not have been more pleasant. But some guy who must’ve been her supervisor decided he wanted to speak to me. I’m not going to publicly shame this person because everybody deserves a chance and I respect people that want to work on campaigns and I know it’s tough. But I will say that somebody else should take calls from now on, this gentleman should not be on the phone.

I tried to explain to this guy why Dr. Trivedi was not a candidate for me. I also tried to explain to this guy why I don’t want to receive these mailers. I did say to him however if he really wants his candidate to have a good showing in Chester County, a public position on things like the Sunoco pipeline and eminent domain would be of interest to Chester County voters.

He then tells me how they went to a couple community meetings and they were “looking into it.” Since March, no less. I said what is there to keep looking into? I asked if his candidate was in favor of eminent domain? Does his candidate understand our fears about these pipelines and what they could do that legitimately terrifies residents out here? I asked if his candidate understood how a lot of us were on wells and how scary an idea that is when somebody’s talking about fracking and putting pipelines through communities along with potential dangers to all natural water sources and wildlife?

If you want a topic that has grabbed hold of Chester County residents regardless of political party this is it, right? He decides he then wants to tell me all about Ryan Costello and Ryan Costello’s flaws.

I didn’t call them to debate the other candidate. I also don’t like to be talked down to by a campaign office. And I completely abhor people who use poor grammar on the telephone and tell me that they are a Montgomery county resident and he understands how I feel. I live in Chester County, you couldn’t possibly understand how I feel as a Chester County resident, so unfortunately that attempt at political empathy fell far short.

I did tell him that I feel sorry for political candidates because of the gerrymandering which has occurred in the 6th Congressional District of Pennsylvania over the past years. But when push comes to shove, I want someone more local to me to represent me in Congress if I can get it. And while I might find someone to be a very pleasant person, it doesn’t that I find them to be the best candidate for the job to serve my needs as a Chester County resident.

I will be blunt, I also find Obamacare a hot mess. I feel the last few years of national politics have been embarrassing at times for any American no matter what political persuasion you are. When it comes to Federal level politics, you very rarely get the opportunity to vote for the “local” guy. And my local guy is Ryan Costello. And I will vote for him gladly. But because I think Dr. Manan Trivedi is a nice person, I think his campaign offices need an education.

I see no problem with people being excited and very supportive of their particular candidate for whom they are working. But they need to adopt more of a “the customer is right” attitude. They need to learn the subtle art of turning people to their position without getting irritated on the phone. After all, there are quite a few weeks between now and election day. And I won’t be the only phone call their offices receive.

I have decided that one of the things that is going to make me decide on candidates this fall is what kind of a position do they take about pipelines and gas companies like Sunoco in Pennsylvania? How do these candidates feel about eminent domain? In mid-September, a candidate’s political office should not still be saying that the candidate is looking into something. They should have a position and be able to clearly state it for the candidate. The Wolf gubernatorial campaign, for example, is very clear on where they stand about pipelines. And I can tell you quite honestly, I can’t good conscience vote for Tom Corbett a second time. Especially given all the donations he gets from oil companies, right?

I might be a Republican, but I do believe in a two-party system. I am also an inveterate ticket splitter. But a two-party system in Chester County is also about 17 shades of ridiculous once again thanks to the infighting of the Democratic Party of Chester County. Truthfully, to that end, I actually feel sorry for the Trivedi campaign because as a Democrat candidate he and other Democrat candidates may very well be tainted by the same brush that is the in-fighting in Democratic politics right now in Chester County.

Thanks for stopping by today. Save a tree by asking candidates for political office not to send piles of glossy mailers out. And if you are a Chester County resident, please ask your candidates offices where they stand on pipelines and eminent domain.

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  1. Will they take us off the mailing list if we call? I thought they just did a massive dump to all addresses? Agree with you on the Hot Topics of today and September is way too late to still be looking into them…and phone manners no longer exist in the age of texts…years ago my mom shared how she was taught to answer a phone and how to respond to upset customers when a student at Pierce Business college….a lost art today!

  2. A lot of Democrats don’t like glossy mailers either. I agree, politics is local and that proposed pipeline is a big issue with actually national implications: can a private company ignore local zoning regulations?

    Hmm, I wonder what Trivedi’s R. opponent Ryan Costello thinks about it? His website doesn’t mention this pipeline but he does blame the Obama administration for ” blocking job-generating energy projects like the Keystone Pipeline,” so we see where his heart is. His latest news entry is “Costello Receives Endorsement from Southeastern PA Chambers of Commerce.” Does anyone think chambers of commerce are going to push against pipelines?

    Andy Dinniman (PA Senate 19) is one legislator who is not afraid to take on the Sunocos of the world:

    “…Dinniman has introduced a legislative package of three bills designed to protect residents’ properties and the public’s natural resources against harm from the growing number of natural gas pipeline projects coming through the region…” (http://www.senatordinniman.com/issues/environment).

    Personally, I’d like to see all elected officials and candidates rally around those measures and more to protect the public and public land from industrial encroachments.

    • I asked Ryan Costello. And he is not a personal friend, I just asked him, and he responded. Apparently he is not a fan of eminent domain as a hammer against local landowners. He also told me that these companies should have to go through the local approval process, which to me says that if a project like this is not approved locally, local knows best. That’s more than his opponent said.

      I am a big fan of Andy Dinnamin, truthfully. He is awesome.

      But I am only one person, so if Chester County residents want to make this pipeline the election issue it should be, they all need to start asking these candidates questions. Now. And they should do it publicly and it should be every candidate from local supervisor through to Washington DC.

      The irony is I never would’ve asked any of the questions I asked if that guy had not taken the phone away from that woman whom I was asking to remove me from the list of glossy mailers and any other mailers.

      I have also heard Democrats refer to this campaign for congress as a “suicide mission” -apparently Manan Trivedi was the only candidate they could find?

      Thank you for the thoughtful response to my post. There have been other comments which have gone straight to the trash folder.

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