chim chim-in-ey, chim chim-in-ey chim chim cher-ee!


Very true and we have an awesome gentleman who took tremendous care of us so I thought I would recommend him —- John Wisnewski of Let There Be Light Chimney Sweep. I am posting his card.


I will note that I am not being compensated for this review. We are happy customers. If he checks your chimney flue, have him check the one for your heating system as well.

Thanks to him and his honesty, we avoided a potential issue with not much fuss. You see, we learned the hard way that heating companies might do a great job cleaning and servicing the heater, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they get into the flue for the heating system and really check. We haven’t been in this current house for that many years yet, and well, when he removed the pipe to the flue in the basement there were years and years worth of debris in the base of the flue…very much preceding our tenure in the house and the two heating companies that we knew of who had serviced the heater had not cleaned this out either.

Let Their Be Light Chimney Sweep is also Angie’s List rated. Now he is also Chester County Ramblings Rated 🙂