phoenixville firebird festival rises from the ashes

IMG_2356.JPGphoto courtesy of Michael K on the Phoenixville Without the Admin Facism Page

As a relative newcomer to Chester County I love some of the traditions and cool celebrations. Like the Phoenixville Firebird Festival. The people of Phoenixville have worked very hard on rebuilding their community and they have done a terrific job.

I was so upset for all those people that work on this community event when I saw on the news and websites of local papers like The Daily Local reporting on how some arsonist or arsonists had burned down the Phoenix built for this evening’s festival in the early hours of this morning. It made me so sad. It’s just so awful.IMG_2357.JPG But having been in Phoenixville earlier today I learned of a flurry of activity to make sure the festival goes on.

The photo at the opening of this post shows the work of a veritable army of volunteers who worked all day in the rain to make sure the festival still happens. A big round of applause for all those hard working volunteers and businesses like Kimberton Whole Foods and Phoenixville Ace Hardware and all the other folks I have been reading about donating time, materials, food, coffee, and good will.

To all of you who have worked so hard on this, a tip of the hat and a standing ovation. You all have done good. You get the true spirit of the season and what community is all about. It’s wonderful.

I am unable to go to the festival this evening but if any of you have photos you would like to share you can post on this blog’s Facebook page and let me know what the proper photo credit should be and I will post the photos tomorrow.

#PhoenixvilleStrong you guys are amazing! Have an awesome festival!