a box full of buttons


I bought a box full of buttons today. Actually it was a crusty old tin of buttons.

Anyway amongst the little mother of pearl and other kinds of buttons and beads I found cool stuff: A little cameo and some kind of uniform tack from an old Pennsylvania Railroad uniform. You don’t realize what a big employer the Pennsylvania Railroad was until you start seeing things in Chester County, which is loaded with railroad memorabilia.

Also in this pile of buttons were a bunch of men’s black and white tie old evening studs. Some of the studs are mother of pearl and are are very Downton Abbey evening wear!

It is so fun pouring through the buttons and wondering what they came off of.

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1 thought on “a box full of buttons

  1. Pretty cool!! I have drawers of buttons my Tailor(now deceased) from Coatesville gave to me some years ago. I particularly like the PRR piece you have as my Grandad was the Ticket and Freight Agent for the Pennsy in Malvern and Paoli back in the day. Never saw one like that one. In the past, I have won some auctions of buttons and other sewing items at Bill Bunch Auction house. I like the history of ‘stuff’.

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