shoehorn development

I hadn’t been down towards the Main Line in a while again until yesterday. Since I moved a few years ago now, I rarely get below Wayne which I still love. 

But I rarely go down near where I used to call home in Lower Merion. It just makes me too sad that where I grew up and lived a lot of my adult life is getting crammed full of ill advised  development plans and what can only be described as shoehorn development.

This photo is from my old neighborhood in Haverford and is in  Lower Merion Township. This house being constructed is way too large for the lot it is sitting on – it was an empty lot for almost the entire 15 years I was living there. Prior to that it had been this large yellow and white Victorian which had burned to the ground two days before Thanksgiving one year. The former structure that burned had been subdivided into two student rentals and at the time it was your typical slumlord deal. I would definitely say this new structure is shoehorned in. The old house that was once there was once a part of a much larger land parcel that had been subdivided decades before it burned down. 

Where I used to live and where I grew up was I thought at one time very beautiful. Now every time I drive through I am hit with how shabby everything looks and overdeveloped. 

Remarkably, yesterday was the first time I had actually been through my old neighborhood that I left to come to Chester County for a few years ago.

So when I occasionally write about development and how I feel Chester County needs to have a care, this is why.