foxcatcher farm now

The ugliness of it is astounding. It’s like looking at overpriced tyvek wrapped tenanment housing.

This is the former Foxcatcher Farm today. There are all these houses crammed together and on the tops of some hills there are giant McMansions in progress crammed close together. So many of the trees are gone it’s staggering.

This is why people fight Toll Brothers and their ilk from coming into their communities.

I am a realist and I no longer expect large parcels of land like this to stay as intact estates as the years go by, but if this isn’t a reason that screams for more control on developers  and development within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania I don’t know what does.

And it’s funny as you go past this debacle in Newtown Township, Delaware County, and you go into Radnor Hunt you notice every year how much more of the land is being developed within the Radnor Hunt  area, don’t you? I wonder how many years longer the actual fox hunts near Radnor Hunt will be able to  take place?

Change is inevitable, but this is a case of where change is kind of sad.

2 thoughts on “foxcatcher farm now

  1. I hate toll brothers and saddened by what they’re doing to the former DuPont property. Ughsssss!

  2. and all of these developments look alike. no imagination or creativity. certainly cluster units strategically placed to work with the terrain would yield higher sale values- rather than grade it all flat and start row upon row. Sad…i guess as long as they sell (or lease) the developers just dont care.

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