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  I understand The probably there was no way to save the 19 century storefront given the decrepit buildings it was attached to. But this is the kind of waste that makes me crazy because someone has sat on this land for the better part of what? A decade or better?

  This is a clear case of demolition by neglect because the buildings were just pretty much left to rot.

  I am told this was Malvern Borough’s last 19th century storefront.

Oh well. 


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  1. Yes, Malvern is a nice-looking, low-key town. Let’s just be glad it hasn’t had the same rapacious developers who are filling in the West Chester skyline with monstrosities!

    • I seemed to remember that the Malvern store had a gallery in it not that long ago.
      I think borough council must have no imagination if they cldnt save part of the 19th-century building

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