upper uwchlan wants residents to glow in the dark?

Pretty scary stuff, huh? That is why I saw this and thought I should post it. Municipalities should be about the residents, not special interests, lucrative politics and back room deals, right?

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  1. It would be nice if they would include an address for these meetings. Not everyone is included to go out if their way…

    Just a thought.

    I hope all is well in your little piece of heaven.


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  2. Sounds like a clone of the West Brandywine Twp. Supervisors approval of a proposal of a CVS and a Wawa on Route 322 west of Guthriesville. GREED is running rampant in Chester County.
    Rural peace is disappearing.

  3. Highly toxic and explosive nail polish remover which is less toxic than the allowed fuel oil and way less explosive that the allowed propane. As a chemical engineer, I have seen a lot of chemical plants and this doesn’t fit in that category. Cleaning solvent for contact lens resin that’s all. It’s a knee jerk reaction to a perceived problem that isn’t.

    • I see your comment is old, but I will comment anyway. acetone is more explosive than fuel oil. If you are a chemical engineer, you should know that. Contact lens are NOT made here, and there 300 chemicals that will be moved here, including more than an handful in the EHS list (extremely hazardous substances for those that don’t know) There are some that eat the seals on the the SCBA gear on the first responders. The knee jerk is yours in that you don’t know the whole story. Hankin and DSM are working hard to hide it from the public. Maybe you are too?

  4. One other note:
    The Berkeley operation they propose to bring here generated around 3.5 MILLION pounds of hazardous waste last year! If they get approval, the Board of Supervisors will have approved the SECOND largest hazardous waste generator in Chester County! To be fair, in 2013 they generated about 2,400,000 pounds. The company in 3rd place in 2013 generated about 600,000 pounds. Note, this is more waste than Sartomor Chemicals in West Chester generated according to EPA figures!

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