in search of a vendor from massive barn market


Yesterday  I bought this necklace at the Massive Barn Market in Chadds Ford.

A lot of crafts people had interesting things done with old silver flatware, but this woman had fashioned necklaces out of the handles of hollowware. And to make it more fun, the handle tops were turned into little bells and put in silver chains.

This vendor was a couple of tables down from where Royal Jelly ended up and they were sort of in the middle of things. At the other end of the row they were in was The Shabby Chic Garden who had all the cool wind chimes made out of old flatware and some other cool stuff including vintage garden statuary.

I found this necklace towards the end of our visit to the mass of barn market and I was tired and people kept grabbing over and around me so I paid the woman and kept moving and I forgot to get a card because I wore the necklace home. I would love to get a couple more for gifts but I don’t know who to contact.

If you know who made these necklaces please leave a comment on this post.

And in spite of the crowds which were beyond anyone’s control, I had a great time at the Massive Barn Market in Chadds Ford! It was a gorgeous day, a beautiful ride through so cool old windy roads and a lot of fun! Thank you Brandywine View Antiques and the Chadds Ford Histroical Society for putting event together.