failure to launch in east whiteland

East Whiteland agenda

East Whiteland has a Supervisors’ Meeting this evening.  Did they send out the agenda a week ago? A couple of days ago? With reasonable notice to township residents?


East Whiteland Township sent out their monthly meeting agenda at 10 a.m. this morning. That is NOT truly open government or sunshine friendly.

And what do you get when you click on the link for the meeting agenda which should have been sent DAYS ago?


failure to launch1

And this:

failure to launch

I tried it first on a tablet, then on a computer.

East Whiteland, what we have here is a failure to launch.

Question: Am I reading the sunshine laws right when it comes to meetings? Aren’t residents entitled to more notice than they normally receive?

sunshine law

Good thing I know how to noodle around the website – I found an amended agenda:

6 8 16 amended agenda

Agenda Page 1

Agenda Page 2

Agenda Page 3

Hmm People’s Light and Theater want to build a bigger bread box err banquet facility? Does that mean the food and service will improve? We gave up on the restaurant and trying them for holidays as it was not worth it no matter how lovely the setting.

Swedesford Square Apartment? Jesus H Christ East Whiteland are you TRYING to become King of Prussia overnight?

And Linden Hall? Why should they get waivers from anything? They can’t even restore one historic structure.  Putting mesh fencing around it is not saving it. And those townhouses are tragically ugly and cheap looking.