a new development photo that just makes you wonder…

I love my readers! They send me the best stuff! Kindly note this morning’s offering above. It came with the following message:

Walking through new Lennar Byers Station development (formerly Toll Bros) and thought you would be amused by this photo. Brand new home already visited by Belfor Restoration. Unclear as to what was being cleaned up but doesn’t give a good image!

No, no it doesn’t, does it? This is in West Vincent Township is it not?

Lennar is sort of new to this area I think.  Check out their Byers Station website. It shows you the best in Stepford wife living ever… If you like that sort of thing.

Lennar has been around since the 1950s and build in 19 states as per their website. I don’t know when they took over Byers Station.

Lennar is so disliked by some, there are entire websites devoted to hating them:

My Lennar Lemon 2.0






We paid $659,000.00 for a house with an embarrassing 

amount of construction defects and shoddy construction.  

After years of litigation we are stuck with over

$100k in documented construction defects 

and a boarded up front door.  

     Lennar’s Realtor, did nothing to help. 

She was just gone, leaving us hanging. 

     Customer Care didn’t help us much either. The repairs that 

they made were even worse than the original defects…

From Dale Billy (President) to Stewart Miller (CEO) these issues/defects 

were brought to their attention and dismissed.  

Lennar litigated our case to the point where we personally 

received nothing for any of the documented construction defects.  

   All that Lennar gave us was a whole lot of 

unresolved defects, lip service, and huge legal costs, 

with “Zero” positive results. 

But please, Don’t take my word for it…

  Anyone is Welcome to come by and see exactly how Lennar delivered us this defective home  

Leaving us stuck with this Lennar Lemon?

Before You BUY, Please Come By and See Firsthand what

Lennar Considers “ZERO Defects”. You will not 

Believe Your Eyes…

The website makes me look mild in opinion about development.

But wait, there is more:

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1 thought on “a new development photo that just makes you wonder…

  1. Funny even the links on the Lennar web site don’t work .
    Plus they don’t know their geography
    Chester Springs/Byers isn’t anywhere near the Brandwine Valley ( defined
    by the area BETWEEN the two branches of the Brandywine.
    It’s heartbreaking to see my former home of Chester Springs described as an opportunity to live in a luxury home in the “scenic countryside”
    It’s obvious too that the copy writer
    didn’t Google Byers, a 19th century
    village on the National Register of Historic Places . That’s a federal designation !! And what did the township do? Create a barrier on historic Eagle Farm Roads so u can’t even drive or walk from your plastic townhouse “Byers Station” to Byers

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