library crisis brewing in malvern???

malvernlibrarypic002Library woes?

Truth or fiction?
A source told me tonight that John Nagel, East Whiteland’s Township Manager informed Christine Celona the library director at the Malvern Library that the library would no longer be receiving funding from East Whiteland? No reason was given for their decision to withdraw their support, is it because East Whiteland is in a deficit?
Supposedly this nice librarian is invited  to attend the township meeting scheduled for Wednesday, November 9th at 7PM? Maybe library lovers should also attend? I am getting the message that people should.
The pie diagram and flyer of where this library gets their monies from  is circulating some Malvern area neighborhoods and East Whiteland is 19% of their annual funding which is 100,000? Other municipalities like Willistown and East Goshen also contribute, and I do not know who else municipal-wise gives what. (It’s on the pie chart ew_flier-google-docs)
I am one of those people who grew up loving libraries and books. So I really would appreciate information on this. Truth and facts appreciated.
I am in uncharted waters here.
See below and please, by all means if you know what is going on, please speak up.

Postscript: See EW agenda – MORE new development and new development brings in ratables which is $ right ? Why can’t they ask a new development seeking approval to make a generous donation to say the fire companies and library as a condition of approval?

Someone said on Malvern Community Forum that EW is cutting funding to Malvern Fire Company too?

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