dear politicians: STOP CALLING

See that telephone number? 


They have tried to call my home 27  yes, TWENTY – SEVEN times today alone!

And that is after that number has been blocked for a while. They call and after one ring my phone delightfully drops blocked calls….yet they keep calling and calling and calling….

As Independents we get ALL the calls from ALL of the candidates.  We get all of the emails too.

But the calls? They have reached the point of hysteria. They are endless. They start early in the morning  and go way too far into the evening.

STOP!!!!!  Cell phones, home phones, all phones.

It’s invasive, intrusive, irritating. It’s harassment.

It makes you NOT want to vote, truthfully.

When I started this post, my count was 24 times today for this one robo call. It went up by three as I was writing the post.

This election has turned this country into a seething caldron of vitriol and robo- calls. I for one hate it.

Come Election Day anyone who tries to shove anything at me will have a rude awakening. I am done. I am tired of being polite to the invasion of the political body snatchers.