wake up call time for congressman ryan costello 

I shared a link from the Daily Local about Congressman Ryan Costello and a “pop-up” town hall meeting. I said I thought Costello was a nice guy.

Basically I have taken a lot of crap for that ever since. 

Congressman Costello, I do think you are a nice guy, but these folks are right: nice isn’t going to get you re-elected next time.  We are. Or we aren’t. How it happens is up to you.

Your constituency feels abandoned by you. You can’t just dance to the tune of party bosses and donors and PACs with deep pockets. Not trying to be offensive, it’s how the game goes.  

See below, Congressman Costello. Do the right thing. And by right thing I do not mean robo-calls that lead to on the phone town hall meetings. They aren’t town hall meetings they are conference calls where you don’t have to look your constituents in the eye. 

Do the right thing.  I might think you are a nice guy, but it’s not my job to take crap because of what you aren’t doing- I sure as hell do not work for any politicians.

But I am a blogger and I do feel it is my responsibility to pass along these comments, even highlight them. 

Good hardworking Americans from coast to coast feel completely disenfranchised by the current state of affairs in Washington DC.  Truly we are terrified at what the land of the free is becoming. It’s like a cancer is spreading across this country. The only question is what will YOU do to stop it? 


5 thoughts on “wake up call time for congressman ryan costello 

  1. I simply cannot comprehend the ridiculous crying about the outcome of the election.
    To all chicken little wannabes, sorry but the sky is not falling. For the first time, in a long time we have someone in charge that is not a political hack.

    Man up admit that you lost and let the new guy have a chance to govern. And in the words of the last president, “elections have consequences.

    And by the way, America is now already more respected in the mid east. I know this because that is where I have lived and worked for the last 5 years.

    • So because you can’t comprehend any of this, people are wrong? I am posting your comment not because I agree, but because you are entitled to your opinion even if I don’t agree.

    • You’re lucky I like you because your comment is borderline offensive. Just because you can’t comprehend something doesn’t mean people’s opinions are wrong.

      Please note I am posting your opinion to be fair not because I agree with you.

  2. When will Trump supporters stop reverting to “get over it, you lost the election” or twisting things so as to say but so-and-so would be worse or did worse? The over justification and projection of others wrongs to make your inability to put forth any actual example of any redeeming quality or action of Trump’s a right is not acceptable nor does it make what your president is doing acceptable or in the least bit normal.

    People are not protesting somewhere on any given day because Hillary and Bernie lost. This is about losing our shaky foothold on a peaceful co-existence despite our personal preferences. It’s about this strange place we’ve come to where we are incapable of listening to others or taking others into account or compromising on any issue that benefits the whole instead of just a very few. This about a president who seems to believe he can do whatever he wants despite having been elected by an historic minority and doesn’t seem the least bit interested in the country as a whole…only those that applaud him are of concern. It’s about normalizing and justifying nationalism and radical right ideology, an administration seemingly incapable of telling one truth and with innumerable ties to Trump and his campaign team involving obscene amount of money. It’s about doing 180s on all conservative norms. It’s about an unstaffed White House and billionaires with no concern for the well being of the department they’ve been proposed for. It’s about a complete lack of ethics and ignoring conflicts. It’s about tax returns. It’s about taxpayer dollars being used to secure a high-rise tower EVERY DAY in midtown Manhattan, a golf course resort in NJ and Mar a Lago EVERY WEEKEND…Trump has already spent in one month what Obama spent in a year on vacations, not to mention charging the Secret Service to fly on his jet during the campaign, office space in Trump Tower…

    That’s not even the tip of the iceberg…I haven’t even gotten to the conflicts…or Bannon…or Stephen Miller…or Kushner…or the press…or “policies”…or eliminating the EPA 12/31/18…or banning people…or US citizens having to show their “documents” for interstate travel…

    We’ve managed to maintain a tenuous hold on our constitutional republic despite vast differences of opinion. This new era of believing that the OPINIONS of others justifies and validates your opinion to the point that it now becomes factual in your mind, i.e., an alternative fact, as opposed to actual facts that give actual gravitas to your opinion is beyond baffling…and terrifying.

    So it’s not about winning or losing…it’s about Trump supporters opening their eyes and facing reality.

    • There have been a staggering 1,500-plus arrests in one short month; compare that to less than 400 sex trafficking-related arrests in one year according to the FBI. It’s clear to me that Trump has made human trafficking a top priority. Yes, Trump is all bad. Also, I truly believe that our country’s safety has increased more in one month than the last 8 years. And remember I live and work where the vast majority of the terrorists come from. So I am a person that has a good perspective. Time will prove me either right or wrong about this. Safety is the number one obligation of the federal government. An obligation that has for all too long been given short shrift.

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