dear east goshen, are you nuts???

So East Goshen is into re-purposing dams in 2017.  One is Hershey’s Mill Dam.  Ok it’s a great idea, as it all looks a little sad right now BUT if you look at last week’s presentation, you can see the plan needs tweaking.

And East Goshen has been wrangling with this for years.

The most glaring problem is putting handicap ADA accessible parking right there on one of the curves of Hershey’s Mill Road.  Hershey’s Mill Road is a beautiful road. But it is windy and twisty, really windy and twisty and where they are proposing the barely off street parking is especially narrow as well.

Here is a survey you can take:

Here is the East Goshen Township Manager’s e-mail address:

Take a look at the plans:

Not a bad concept, my issue is strictly with the location of the parking – if you are familiar with the road you know not all people treat it with respect and go quite fast. Seems to be a disaster waiting to happen. East Goshen Township, are you nuts to propose the spaces there? What are the alternatives? 

Anyway, thought I would put this on your radar dear readers in Chester County and especially those in East Goshen and neighboring municipalities.

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  1. Wow, in the mid 90’s I lived in a neighborhood that went between Morstein Rd. and Hersheys Mill Rd., but up towards the other end of HM Road (King Rd., in East Whiteland Twp.) . In fact I used to walk from my house the length of Hersheys Mill Rd. to Green Hill Rd. The thing that motivated me to walk was seeing that beautiful property with the waterfall, flowers and the hedged trimmed stone driveway. It just seemed like the most awesome place to live. I didnt know it was a dam, and with problems. It was just a private house then I think. What is the problem with it and when did it stop being a private house?

    • Dams are extraordinarily expensive to maintain properly and the flooding had gotten so bad that in fairness to East Goshen and they were left with no choice except to drain it off.

    • PS if you go to East Goshen’s website they have a dedicated page on the Hersheys Mill Dam – they have stuff in chronological order so you can read about it and therefore get the history

    • Pitch a story idea to whom? If it’s one of the papers or TV station you have to call and you have to email and then you just got lucky. I’m a blog so if you have an idea for me my blog has a Facebook page and you can send a message

      • Hi, I wanted to see if you knew about the 1880s Spring Valley AME church on Spring Valley Rd. It will be saved and moved to a designated spot in Concord Township.

        Spring Valley Rd. runs behind Maris Grove, from 322 to 202 changing names to Marshall Rd. The property is 220 Spring Valley Rd. Are they going to develop on it? This stretch of road used to be so country picturesque and it stayed that way for a long time.

      • I don’t know it. I don’t know that part of Delaware county at all. You need to ask the township down there or the Delaware county times to look into it

      • I think this is in Delaware County but its close to Chadds Ford.

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