chester county history seen through…postcards

I was hunting for a Chester County book on eBay recently and came across by accident some really cool old postcards about Chester County.

No, I did not buy any, these are just screen shots. But these little postcards are like snapshots of our county’s history! I think it’s pretty cool so I decided to post some of them. Long before a text message and selfies on social media, we had post cards.

I have a couple of friends who actually send postcards to friends and family still today when they travel. They are as still as fun to receive today as when I was a child.

Postcards and handwritten letters are almost obsolete in today’s world. I think that is a shame indeed.  

Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking at these old postcards!

2 thoughts on “chester county history seen through…postcards

  1. Love, Love, Love it all! Such a rich history of our beloved Mainline!
    You do such a fantastic job of researching and blogging/journaling of
    our homesteads. Keep up the great work!

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