harvey havoc: as seen near/in houston, texas

A friend of mine who is a Pennsylvania transplant to Houston, Texas posted this photo a few minutes ago.

She posted with the following caption:

A street not a river. But today a river not a street

And a shout out to the lovely management company in charge of an apartment complex in Houston called La Maison in River Oaks: your tenants need help, and apparently the water company in the City of Houston needs to buy a clue in an emergency:

And another photo from another Pennsylvania transplant in Houston:

1 thought on “harvey havoc: as seen near/in houston, texas

  1. Sorry for your friend, Carla. I suggest that we, in Chester County, immerse ourselves in the daily news of the hurricane. When the money Grubbing developers and the crooked commissioners finish with over development and deforestation, we will be ready for the torrential rains and flooding that will surely come our way. It will happen here, I am sure. God bless those in Texas.

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