showing up for stoneleigh

HUNDREDS have turned out to make a point with the eminent domain loving Lower Merion School District. The meeting is in progress

Photos are courtesy of the Stoneleigh: A Natural Garden Facebook page.

Dr. Robert Copeland, Dr. Melissa Gilbert and the rest of Lower Merion School District can you hear us all now?


2 thoughts on “showing up for stoneleigh

  1. Hi Carla:  I just heard through my daughter Allison Ector, that last night a meeting regarding tearing down the 3 homes at the corner of Glenn Rd and Montgomery Ave in Ardmore was held.  She and tenants came to a previous meeting and signed a petition to be notified for the next meeting.  No one was.  I used to live in one of the buildings so I am invested in a way.  Another “slip through” without notifying tenants that will be forced to move if this goes through…as though they have no power to object.  No one in the two buildings were notified of the meeting.  It is not on the township books or their website as of todayIt was about approval for the contractor to go ahead and demolish the 3 brick and stone buildings to put up more townhouses. Ibelieve you know about this already, but I had to let out some steam.  I know the landlady well and it is her son, Michael Balisterius that wants the $$.My Bob (Hendrickson) and I are fighting the eminent domain crisis at Stoneleigh also.  Thanks for all you do.Jeanne

    • Actually it depends what kind of meeting it was. If it was zoning and this happened, they should be able to contact Mike Wylie, he is a very nice man. There other options are the Director of Planning, commissioners, Township Manager and Assistant Township Manager

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