sometimes there is just twitter love

Sometimes I just love the Internet, specifically Twitter. Lately it’s been dismal because of all that tweeting from places like bathrooms in the White House. When someone disses a genuine U.S. hero months after their death, it gets a little dismal.

But then up pops an Internet coyote, and a Main Line one no less! Radnor Coyote felt they had to have a voice after Radnor Township Police issued a coyote warning, I am guessing.

Now Radnor Coyote is a media darling. Everyone is talking about them – , Delco Times , and TV reporters galore! (Well come on, let’s face it, @RadnorCoyote is a heck of a lot less scary than the cougars that roam Wayne and pop up at local Wayne watering holes like The White Dog or Paramour right?)

I am not sure if they are howling at the moon tonight or not because from my windows the moon is under cloud cover.

Radnor Coyote is very witty. They are an excellent twittersationalist, so check them out!

6 thoughts on “sometimes there is just twitter love

  1. John McCain was a piece of shit who cheerleaded the deaths of hundreds of thousands in the middle east and displaced millions in the middle east. Luckily cancer got him before he led us into war against Iran. Get a grip and spare us your shit tier political discussion you goofy moonbat.

  2. This blog should be called lonely aging liberal lady moves to the main line and looks for things to piss and moan about on a daily basis while most likely drunk and abusing prescriptions.

    • Really? Here I thought it was ban your ass for being an ignorant moron. Not particularly liberal, don’t drink or abuse prescriptions, but I believe in right and wrong.

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