dear duracell, thanks for the exploding battery

Your eyes do not deceive you, that is indeed a partially melted down AAA battery by Duracell. It was taken out of a new pack of batteries recently purchased by my husband.

Sometimes I succumb to cooking gadgets and I had bought us a pair of electronic salt and pepper shakers. I had taken the housing apart on the salt and pepper shakers to insert the batteries. Each shaker takes six AAA batteries.

I had just put the batteries in one of the shakers and was going to close up the housing of the unit and I accidentally touched the side of the battery and burnt the side of my hand a little. It wasn’t a bad burn by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s not what you expect when you put fresh batteries into something. I am just grateful that the damn thing didn’t explode and get battery acid in my eyes.

Duracell likes to advertise they are the most trusted brand of battery. Not so much for me anymore.

4 thoughts on “dear duracell, thanks for the exploding battery

  1. You have to be careful with devices that use multiple batteries, as is apparent with this device using six. As the number of cells goes up, it becomes more and more critical to make sure they are inserted properly with respect to polarity. One cell reversed in a series wired group of six cells would have an increased potential of resultant damage. So always carefully observe polarity when inserting batteries in this device.

    As to using rechargeable batteries; they can be a good idea but polarity becomes even more critical because of the makeup chemistry of the cell. If the device polarity markings have any level of confusion to them, stay away from rechargeable batteries.

  2. You repeatedly rail against others for their hypocrisy. As someone who professes an appreciation for the natural environment, I find it ironic that you would purchase electronic salt and pepper shakers which require batteries. Batteries require the mining of materials and end up in landfills. And even rechargeables require electricity, likely generated by burning fossil fuels. How about hand cranking your salt and pepper?

    • I’m sure your name and email address are fake. But did you know that your IP address tags back to your employer? And how am I being a hypocrite by using batteries? I recycle. I recycle everything humanly possible including batteries. And if I like my little gadgets in my kitchen I like my little gadgets in my kitchen.

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