blackout in NYC on 1977 blackout anniversary

A photo take July 13, 2019 by a friend of mine

A friend of mine just posted the photo above. She lives across the river from New York City which is experiencing a blackout. It doesn’t appear to be an entire city black out thank goodness, but I’m sure it’s unpleasant enough as it is.

Apparently this is also the anniversary of the 1977 black out in New York City where there was lots of looting.

If you scroll through things on social media especially Twitter you see people posting who are trapped in elevators and stuff.

AP: NY power outage knocks out subways, businesses, elevators

NY Daily News: Extensive blackout reported across Midtown and Upper West Side of Manhattan

Blackout 2019 in NYC

CNN LIVE: Times Square darkened by power outage

Headlines from 1977 newspaper

From Twitter a little while ago