blackout in NYC on 1977 blackout anniversary

A photo take July 13, 2019 by a friend of mine

A friend of mine just posted the photo above. She lives across the river from New York City which is experiencing a blackout. It doesn’t appear to be an entire city black out thank goodness, but I’m sure it’s unpleasant enough as it is.

Apparently this is also the anniversary of the 1977 black out in New York City where there was lots of looting.

If you scroll through things on social media especially Twitter you see people posting who are trapped in elevators and stuff.

AP: NY power outage knocks out subways, businesses, elevators

NY Daily News: Extensive blackout reported across Midtown and Upper West Side of Manhattan

Blackout 2019 in NYC

CNN LIVE: Times Square darkened by power outage

Headlines from 1977 newspaper

From Twitter a little while ago

february 26th, 1993

25 years ago today. February 26th, 1993. was the date of the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City. I worked in New York at that time at an office located downtown in the financial district. 44 Wall Street. I was a sales/trading assistant at a municipal bond trading firm.
On that day, I had accompanied an office friend to the World Trade Center to grab an early lunch and to check out some stores like a Hallmark store in the shopping concourse.  Lunch hours go quickly as they always do and it was time to go back to the office.  So there we were back outside the Trade Center buildings, getting ready to cross the street, when suddenly the ground shook and moved. There is nothing like feeling the ground shift below your feet. I remember that we were looking directly across the street at Century 21, a department store in Lower Manhattan.

Then something happened that rarely happens in New York: Everything went eerily still and quiet. We looked up at what we first thought were snowflakes beginning to float and fall from the sky. After all, it was February. Then car alarms began to go off one by one like the cacophony of many distorted bells. The snowflakes, we soon discovered, were in reality, ashes.

People began yelling and screaming. It became very confusing and chaotic all at once, like someone flipped a switch to “on.” At first, we both felt rooted to the sidewalk, unable to move. I remember feeling a sense of panic at the unknown. We had absolutely no idea what had happened, and hurried back to our office. Reaching it, we were greeted by worried coworkers who told us that someone had set off a bomb underground in the World Trade Center garage.
I will never forget the crazy kaleidoscope of images, throughout that afternoon, of all the people who were related to or knew people in my office who sought refuge in our office after walking down the innumerable flights of steps in the dark to exit the World Trade Center Towers. They arrived with soot all over their faces, hands and clothes. They all wore zombie looks of shock, disbelief and panic.

Of course, the oddest thing about the first terrorist attack on New York City is that I don’t remember much lasting fuss about it. I do remember that President Bill Clinton was newly sworn into office, but I don’t remember him coming to visit New York after the attack. Everything was back to normal in Lower Manhattan in about a month, maybe two. After a while, unless you had worked in New York, or lived in New York, you simply forgot about this “incident.”

It seems surreal that 25 years have passed. And how lucky I am to be alive and writing this from Chester County, Pennsylvania.

far and away but worth it: wölffer estate vineyard

DSC_0578Long Island is known for many things – the glitterati who flock to the Hamptons, farming, beaches, lighthouses, and also vineyards.  My pretty much favorite is DSC_0665 Wölffer Estate.

Wölffer Estate is located in the Hamptons in Sagaponack. Their wines are good DSC_0661and to me something very important – they use all their own grapes.

A few weeks ago I made my annual trek to the vineyard. This time I tasted dessert DSC_0629wines and also had a marvelous time photographing the vineyard and stocking up on the rosé wines they produce.  A good rosé is my summer wine of choice and truthfully I enjoy rosés year round – I don’t drink very much and am allergic to many types of alcohol and never acquired a taste for beer, so I am pretty limited as to what I will imbibe.

You can find some Wölffer in the Pennyvania Wine and Spirit Shops (a/k/a State Stores) but not all the time. If you ever go to the Hamptons check them out and take the time for one of their wine tastings. So fun, lovely setting, terrific experience.