the continued desecration of chester county

So Ship Road today. Pipeline Alley. It’s hideous and outrageous.

This pipelines aren’t benefiting us, they are benefiting people in Scotland making plastics and wherever the hell else they are shipping dangerous explosive things through pipelines. They are of course also benefiting corporate America. And I think select politicians.

Driving up Ship Road today it made me wonder if Terence Farrell has seen this? After all isn’t he the county commissioner who was overheard commenting negatively on the county litigation involving pipelines? That’s what people are saying so I have to ask does he expect us to vote for him in November ?

I haven’t asked him personally about this, but I know all these politicians read anything put out mentioning their name between now and election day so perhaps he’ll set the record straight and put out an official statement?

What is happening in Chester County and elsewhere is criminal. We live here. Where we call home is being destroyed and we are all being put at risk.

Our homes are our castles until pipeline comes through.

I don’t find that acceptable do you?

4 thoughts on “the continued desecration of chester county

  1. All it will take for me–a registered, long-time R voter–to vote D at both the Township and County level is full assurance from D candidates to put a stop to over development AND the “carte blanche” apparently given to energy companies to put in pipelines in population-dense areas, pipelines that apparently still continue to raise safety concerns among a significant number of residents. Look, I am for US energy independence, but is THIS the way to do it? Is ALL of this gross, crass over-development doing anything other than lining the pockets of some while others have their quality of life RUINED FOREVER? So, please tell me WHICH candidates have directly addressed–EVEN ACKNOWLEDGED–these problems than many of us see?

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