who owns clews & strawbridge?


This structure is a historic asset…or it should be.

It’s the 18th century farmhouse that is part of the Clews & Strawbridge property on Lancaster Avebue in Malvern/Frazwer .

Who owns Clews & Strawbridge now?

I find this demolition by neglect disgraceful, but then again I find most of the rotting historic properties in Chester County and in East Whiteland disgraceful because it doesn’t have to be this way!


The fencing is new and I have to ask do they think a stockade fence is going to make people forget what a hot mess the entire property looks like most of the time? COME ON.

Whoever you are, it’s time to deal with the house.  Can it be sold? Is it empty? Is it full of stuff? There are so many stories yet no one seems to know what is going on so can they just be straight with residents and historical architecture buffs?


5 thoughts on “who owns clews & strawbridge?

  1. And yet a grant is given to put in a new bike and pedestrian path in the area? Talk about misplaced priorities, throughout this area and Chesco…it nauseates.

  2. Maybe the bank owns it. There is one on rt. 340 in Caln. The owners left and the bank has had it for at least 10 year. It’s an old 1700’s house with a behave oven. I know for a fact that they were notified 5 or 6 years ago to clean up the property, but it just rotted away and nothing is being done. Banks are so good at kicking families out on their butts and then letting a house sit empty and rot. Carla, don’t get me started.

  3. The property is presently owned by Main Line Watercraft Realty LP. The 5-bedroom house was built in 1734 (yes, really) and was owned (and presumably occupied) by Madison Clews and his wife Margaret since around 1982. They transferred ownership of the home to Clews and Strawbridge (the boat dealer) in 2003. The deed and mortgage of course include a section regarding “vacation of property” of which the present-day MLWR LP is clearly in violation.

    I get the sneaking suspicion that, rather than a costly restoration, the boat dealer is waiting for nature to demolish the building since they would never get permission to knock it down. I intend to reach out to the property owners for more information. Ideally, I would like to photograph the interior as much as possible as well as part of an ongoing project to document abandoned buildings in and around East (and West) Whiteland Township(s).

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