“spring oak” development…remember the beautiful farm?

This used to be a farm. A gorgeous farm on White Horse Road.

Now it’s a field of Tyvec wrapped dreams where according to the developer your child can have a lemonade stand. Ummm as long as the Homeowners’ Association doesn’t mind.

In this particular land of Stepford, you also don’t garden.

Oh and it’s in the, wait for it, Great Valley School District. Will that be Great Valley East or Great Valley West?

2 thoughts on ““spring oak” development…remember the beautiful farm?

  1. It seems to me that someone is determined to make Chester county one big suburban/uprban sprawl. My latest hunch is that more people equals more votes to keep politicians in office. Sound crazy? Not really. I have been reading Chester county ramblings for several months now, as well as watching overdevelopment choke my town of residence for years now, at the behest of people appointed by politicians. My little town is now overcrowded and traffic is abysmal. When we moved here 13 years ago it was charming and quaint. Not so anymore. I am dismayed and disgusted.

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  2. Yes. This was my Grandparent’s farm. So very sad. Have lots of things salvaged from there with me in my home now. ❤️ Thanks for all you do up there trying to save what hasn’t already been destroyed!

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