dear mayor kenney and chief outlaw,

Dear Mayor Kenney and Chief Outlaw,

My husband spent hours trying to figure out a way to get to my elderly parents and bring to us to get them out of the city. To no avail.

He couldn’t get to them. He literally went all the way down to Columbus Boulevard and over to South Philadelphia and back up! I am beside myself.

I just got off the phone with my mother and she tells me that the building Cole Haan is in was burnt out on Walnut, TD Bank and PNC Bank were destroyed all those other stores were loaded and broken into. She’s not sure about all that happened to places DiBruno Brothers on Walnut Street (they did get looted) but everything around it was pretty much destroyed.

This crap literally came to the front door to where my parents and another friend call home and that is so unacceptable and also while all this looting was going on last night? Apparently although they didn’t see a lot of police activity, but they saw a lot of news cameras and people with phones recording it.

A partial list of other things I found of what has been looted and/or destroyed includes: Boyd’s , Brooks Brothers, AT&T, Apple, 7-11, Target, Macy’s, GAP, Lacoste, Old Navy, JCrew, Marathon Grill, Reading Terminal Market, UNIQLO, DiBruno’s.

There are many, many more. There is looting and rioting in the Northeast. Port Richmond is in particular crisis as I type this.

My parents are elderly. They live in YOUR city. I don’t feel they or my other friends in Philadelphia are safe. I never thought I would say that. And if you can’t get control of the city, we can’t get to them. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF THESE WERE YOUR PARENTS?

I believe there should be justice for George Floyd. I had no problems with peaceful protests. But where is the justice for the innocent residents of Philadelphia and elsewhere who are the victims of the terrifying rioting and looting? Truly no one is safe right now. Doesn’t that worry you?

I’ll leave it there.

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  1. What are the answers? As we all know now, when a group wants a peaceful protest, you better get out your combat gear. Heads should roll in ALL police departments if abuse goes on during an arrest. There is no excuse. If the cops are trained properly and know what holds and restraints can kill a person, this may stop. The higher ups in the dept must be held accountable that their officers have ongoing training for safe restraints. Also, the type of people applying for police jobs must be properly screened.
    Where can we go to get away from all this nonsense? Those demonstrators greatly dishonored any victims of police abuse. Instead, they found a way to maybe grab some free items. How awful!

  2. They also burned some historic buildings around Rittenhouse Square. Anthropologie had all their wedding gowns stolen, home accessories smashed and all vandalized. Two beautiful restaurants destroyed. It’s a shameful situation that grows like a virus into all ethnic groups …black or white; the initial problem is lost in the chaos like a fever let loose with no restraints. There is no logic, just hate and frustration on a rampage set off by a few discontents.

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