what is the best part about this photo?

What’s the best thing about the scene in this photo?

Give up?

Okay here is why looking at this scene is awesome: NO DEVELOPER PIMPING DEVELOPMENT SIGNS! No Troll Brothers signs or any other developers signs for miles…so nice NOT to see for a change.

Happy Labor Day!

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  1. Yes! the landscape is wonderful to see! But was in front of the beautiful farmland are numerous signs – Morgantown is to the east and New Holland is to the west….OK. You’re at a T stop, facing Rte 23…looking south. got it. I really got confused with the ‘whole milk 97% fat free’ sign. I looked up Sensenig feed mill. Since April,e Sensenig’s have been buying milk from Clover Farms and giving the milk away to folks – families, etc. in need.
    And whole milk is “standardized to 3.25 % fat”
    The MILK sign makes the scene even more special.
    The road signs? They just tell you where you can go.


    Dozens of dairy-related agribusinesses already sponsor the grassroots farmers’ 97 Milk education effort, which began a little over a year ago with a round bale painted by Berks County, Pa. farmer Nelson Troutman with the words Drink Whole Milk (virtually) 97% Fat Free. (Whole milk is standardized to 3.25% fat). Such ‘baleboards’ now dot the countryside, along with banners, vehicle signs, a website, facebook page and other social media platforms (97milk.com and @97milk on facebook and instagram; @97milk1 on twitter).

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