is caring for the earth pumping water out of a creek in east whiteland township?

The photos I am posting were sent to me this afternoon. They are not altered in any way. They were taken on Frame Avenue, Malvern/Frazer in East Whiteland.

I have no idea who the contractor is but how is it they are using a creek as their water source? Did they have permission? Is this part of the Little Valley Creek? If so isn’t Little Valley and its tributaries supposed to be protected around here and are trout streams or something?

Again, I did not take these photos. A resident of Frame Avenue took these photos and sent them to me at 3:30 PM this afternoon. I forwarded them to East Whiteland Township because I am somewhat astounded and do not think I have ever seen a landscaper or a contractor use a natural water source for their work. Any contractor or landscaper that I have ever seen has either transported their own water to a site, or they use the water on a customer’s property as in they hook up to a hose outlet or something.

This is a little odd to me so I am posting. I also don’t know it over there so well so that is all I have got. I know there has been development around there, but I have no idea for whom this landscaper would be working.

I apologize if I am being alarmist, this just doesn’t seem normal or even kosher to me. I am unfamiliar with this company as well as noted on the truck and can’t find a website.

Any information would be welcome here. I am at a loss and I can tell you if I saw some random truck pumping water out of a local creek I would be pretty upset. It seems neither right nor normal. Please note on the truck it mentions erosion control. Oh the irony, right?

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  1. it’s a hydroseeder. that water gets shot right back out mixed with grass seed. I dont know the legality of it, but if they’re carrying that well used pump around, they’ve been doing it for a while. it could also fall under the control of agriculture rather than construction.

  2. This is a hydroseeder. They are an essential part of restoration and conservation of disturbed areas. They always use surface water.

  3. Finn invented hydroseeding. They make a slurry of seed, mulch, fertilizer, and soil amendments with water. This slurry is applied with pressure to the surface for seed germination and turf development.

    For the most part, the water returns to the soil or evaporates.

    • Yes but do they have permission to drain water off a natural water source to do it? They were pumping water out of what I think has to do with the little valley creek or Little Valley Creek system and that’s a protected watershed I believe.

  4. Valley Creek and Little Valley Creek are listed as Exceptional Value streams. The company may need a DEP permit to draw water from the stream. Why should a company be allowed to get free water to run their business when everyone else pays for it or drills a well on property they own ?

  5. I see this being done regularly in my travels around the states roads. Mostly small clear streams near roads. Some spots seem popular as I have seen different truck at those locations regularly. Don’t know about the legality, but I don’t believe it would be any cheaper to run a gas powered pump than to use an electric pump from a well. You can’t use city water as it is treated. This water gets sprayed right back on the ground and we should save our well water for drinking.

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