why is the devin nunes campaign calling me?

I actually had to look him up. I keep getting these phone calls from Devin Nunes and his campaign.

I knew he was a politician but I knew he wasn’t from around here. So I looked him up.

Why is the campaign of a California Congressman robo calling me in Chester County, Pennsylvania?

Even more importantly after I have requested multiple robo call numbers that say Nunes on it to put us on the do not call list, why hasn’t that happened?

News flash GOP: not a good look. Especially not a good look given what I have read about Congressman Devin Nunes and it’s not flattering. in every article you get a whiff of a skunk and I don’t mean Pepé Le Pew, either.

So Congressman Nunes do you get it now? Does your campaign get it? Stay in your lane. I live in Pennsylvania and am not interested but I sure hope someone votes you and your robo calls out of office.

6 thoughts on “why is the devin nunes campaign calling me?

  1. Actually, Nunes was the guy that was able to prove how bad the Democrats were mired in the Russian Dossier hoax and brought it to light. He has worked hard to demonstrate just how bad the Left has manipulated the system and continue to get away with it.

    • End it doesn’t really matter what he has done or not done I did not ask him to phone me and I have asked his campaign a couple of times to put me on a do not call list

      • I bet they removed your name…sure. I answered once and the worker asked for me by name. Iguess that means you get the what’fer if you vote in the GOP primary.

      • I don’t even know what your reply means. Yes they did remove my name. It is possible to get your name off of some of these lists. I am not a Republican and haven’t been in a few years at this point.

  2. I live in Massachusetts and he won’t stop calling me either. I intend to donate $$ to his opponent’s campaign each time I get a call. Sleazy and annoying, not to mention his politics.

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