jackass season has returned to chester county

Jackass season has returned to Chester County. I thought today’s jackass award was going to go to an award winning anti masker champion from the West Chester area of QAnon school board candidates in West Chester when she surfaced in NextDoor complaining about the misuse of taxpayer dollars on COVID testing and talking about all the Delco COVID testing sites and none in Chester County. (Umm yeah, doesn’t like masks but whines about tests?)

But no, another jackass far surpassed her. Right outta Downingtown we have a real Mensa candidate:

I am sure they will be crushed that they are blocked. We’ll call him “Brandon”. And “Brandon” quite simply put: I don’t subscribe to your brand of bullsheit. Mar A Lago is looking for chamber maids and bus boys, so why not move? And if I am such a deplorable surely you have a good comic book you can dig into? No one makes you read this blog.

Today’s super fan is of that ilk still posting offensive sheit including the OTHERS you see keeping up their January 6th, 2020 posts like a badge of honor (or dishonor?) Tomorrow is that somber anniversary. What happened a year ago tomorrow was terrifying, and some days it is like we are in the midst of another Civil War in this country that doesn’t have specific borders like North vs. South. It’s like an insidious disease more deadly that the COVID-19 virus.

Also sad? That one of the people charged/sentenced in the attack on the Capitol January 6, 2021 was an 81 year old US Army veteran from West Chester PA. Yep literally someone’s grandpa.

What has happened to this country is sad and disgraceful. The crap still going on in our own area is equally so.

Oh and all threats are reported. And yes, law enforcement watches this blog. A fact, not fiction.

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  1. It’s unnerving.. What I fear most are statements like this one: “How does it feel to live in a country where quietly walking into the Capital is an insurrection but burning down police precincts is not?”

    I see the political accusations as Orwellian: “Of or like the society portrayed by Orwell in his novel (1984), characterized by totalitarian government, irrational political concepts, the politicization of everyday language, etc.”

    See also DARVO https://www.narcissisticabuserehab.com/darvo/ or
    South Park 90-second DARVO Explainer, 7 November 2019
    look up Gaslighting https://christitjones.medium.com/gaslighting-c9146ea4997b

    Perhaps the original problem was just ‘Trumpian’. Now it’s much more dire.

    It changed the political attitude or behavior of (mostly) the Republican legislators at all governmental levels. Listening to one news radio station or TV cable channel, one hears slight and incredible lies presented as opinions but orated as headline news. A friend wants you to watch a video of volunteer ballot counters in a large room. You agree it does look like a fraud situation. Later, you view the full, uncut video that explains the what’s and why’s of personnel activities. You tell your friend, “If you watch the full video, you see there is no fraud in….” only to be interrupted with “..but that doesn’t mean there was no voter fraud.”

    Elected Republicans are putting Trump supporters in appointed positions e.g. voter registration and trying to get others elected in lower gov’t but especially state legislation. There are already bills written and approved by legislators and signed by the governor, that deliberately cut voter rights and allow Republican-run state and federal legislation, to replace the electorate with Trump supporters …yes, a true Orwellian government:

    “It denotes an attitude and a brutal policy of draconian control by propaganda, surveillance, disinformation, denial of truth (doublethink), and manipulation of the past, including the “unperson”—a person whose past existence is expunged from the public record and memory, practiced by modern repressive governments.”


    You can also see a lot of what is happening here in the US in Joseph Goebbels’ statement on The Big Lie, and in Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

  2. Completely agree with the original post, and your reply, Sarah.

    One point to comment on: “How does it feel to live in a country where quietly walking into the Capital is an insurrection but burning down police precincts is not?”

    I’ll answer a line of complete BS by saying this:
    I used to work during college on Capitol Hill. It used to be that walking through the Capitol building or the Congressional office buildings was pretty easy. Some security guards, “metal” detectors, and no big deal.

    That all changed when a disturbed POS killed 2 police officers – the people that fake, lying patriots claim to love – on July 24, 1998.

    Then all of the massive security upgrades that were put in place and planned were vastly expanded again by another incident – 9/11.

    Again – maybe you lying traitors remember that.

    Capitol Hill and many other places became like Fort Knox.

    So no – it’s not about “walking into” a building. It’s about being violent, sociopathic, Buggaloo Boy traitors who would soon as assassinate a Republican who doesn’t bow to Trump as they would any Democrat or independent – even cops.

  3. I’m not sure I understand a couple statements you made and what a “disturbed POS” is.

    Why the quote upset me: I had watched the videos produced by the people who broke windows and busted in doors at the Capitol, many cameras that were placed in the building and the cameras the police were wearing…. watching people hit the police, already on the ground, with posts that still had American flags on them.

    Yes, I remember 9/11. My stepmother worked at the Pentagon then. The airplane went directly into the section where her office was.

    I also remember the Oklahoma City Bombing of April 19,1995 and Pan Am flight 103, December 1988.

    You wrote “That all changed when a disturbed POS killed 2 police officers – the people that fake, lying patriots claim to love – on July 24, 1998.”
    *Please explain “the people that fake, etc”

    I had to look that up. The schizophrenic man shot two Capitol police officers. The House and Senate passed resolutions authorizing a memorial service to be held for the 2 officers in the Capitol Rotunda. They were the first police officers, and Chestnut was the first African-American, to be so honored.

    At the time, government officials reviewed security measures for all Federal buildings. More police were added to the entrances of the building and to congressional leaders. A Capitol Visitor Center (which had been requested before) was built..Opened in 2008, with security checkpoints that helped manage the flow of guests around the building.

    I don’t understand why you don’t appreciate the extra security.
    Do you consider me a liar and traitor?

    You can’t get into a government building, onto an airplane, and in and out of many stores, without going through a metal detector or being automatically videotaped. Members of the public and members of Congress cannot get into any federal building with a gun.

    There are situations we can’t do anything about. You don’t know if the person is a psychopath with a knife or a sociopath with a vague conscience.

    Consider this: Hitler was a popular and effective public speaker at a time when politicians had to speak at public meetings on a regular basis. He used these meetings to tell many Germans what they wanted to hear – that there was a political party that would solve all their problems. The role of Hitler – Why the Nazis achieved power – BBC
    Yes, he hated the Jews killing over 6 million. He also persecuted all clergy. An estimated 5 million Christians were killed.

  4. Thank you (with some embarrassment, of course) There seemed to be anger in some of his statements that really did confuse me.

  5. My apologies for not being more clear. Sorry for the confusion. I agree with you 100%, Sarah.

    Angry? Yes, I’ve been angry about this every day since 1/6/21. Righteous anger, I think.

    The violent mob and the treasonous, violent coup plotters behind them deserve nothing less. And I’m writing as an independent who voted for conservatives like John Heinz, Tom Ridge, John McCain, and many others – all enemies of the mob and the mobsters & grifters who run that party now.

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