things you can’t unsee

Something found it’s way to me. A copy of something terrible in my humble opinion. It involves a school I have always thought highly of: Malvern Prep. I know no one who works there. I checked around and this missive which I am about to make public was mailed to people. I have no clue how many. So it’s therefore public already.

I have thought about this, and no disrespect to anyone, but as a community we need to talk about yet another thing we can’t unsee. As in TALK, not scream at each other, threaten each other, hate each other.

When will hate actually not have a home here, there, or anywhere?

I have always been a realist. There is no way we can all like each other and all get along, but why can’t we co-exist better?

The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”

~ Mark 12;31

What has happened to us as Americans, friends, neighbors, colleagues? Aren’t you all tired of the Divided States of America?

Why are the seeds of hate sown so thickly?

So, it’s about this below, and it is shocking – and again, it is circulating around – so who knows HOW many people have seen it? This is the most distressing whisper down the lane of 2022 so far around here isn’t it?

We have seen so much of these issues buzzing around the public schools, I guess I shouldn’t be shocked it has reached the private schools, but I actually AM shocked. And so incredibly sad. I mean, this is a Catholic school no less.

I will freely admit although raised Catholic, I find it hard to identify with Catholics today. I know my God, I know my faith but this above? How does anyone who says they are even a Christian do this? HOW? Do these people remember how Catholics and associated nationalities were persecuted in this country along with others? “Irish Need Not Apply” early 20th century and late 19th century and German and Italian owned businesses having to change their names in World War II so no one questioned their patriotism because of ethnic last names?

Deep breath….I am not super liberal, and never have been no matter what my critics might think. But as a human being, I know the difference between right and wrong. This is wrong. It’s hateful, and yes racist. People don’t have to like my opinion, but I am allowed to have it. Pesky thing called the First Amendment.

When I read things like this, I have an overwhelming sense of despair. Because I can’t speak for Jesus, nor would I presume to, what would Jesus do? Not send out a letter like that, maybe?

I actually don’t blame Malvern Prep for this. I feel for them and the students and staff and teachers. I just think they are caught in this swirling vortex of soul sucking hate like other schools. I want to believe they are trying to do right by their students, staff, teachers, and in this case in God’s eyes. But we, as humans, seem to live with a parallel universe these days that is so full of self righteous hate, that it’s like none of us can catch a break…and that includes the people who put this hate out into the world.

My other problem here is a misplaced sense of entitlement. Paying tuition doesn’t mean you own the schools and teachers like your own private Idaho. I went to private school , so I am well aware of this trait. It’s not new. But as the private school tuitions have climbed into the ridiculous stratosphere over the years, I think expectations have changed?

We live in a world I simply do not understand a lot of days.

Today is Ash Wednesday.

Sign me sad.

Lead us from death to life,
From falsehood to truth.
Lead us from despair to hope,
from fear to trust.
Let peace fill our hearts, our world and our universe.
Let us dream together, pray together and work together,
To build one world of peace and justice for all.

~Author unknown
it is thought to be either an adaptation of a Hindu prayer or of a hymn. The first time that it was known to be publicly spoken was by Mother Teresa in 1981.

3 thoughts on “things you can’t unsee

  1. You realize this is PEG, Courageous Conversations, the same thing that is in TE that you have mocked parents for trying to remove right? They have spent over 400k on teacher trainings since 2018.

  2. Well said. I am just sad all around that this is happening everywhere.

  3. Very well said!

    For the lying cowards who passed around this whining list of greivances:

    Re: “no options to discuss the other side or differing points of view” … WHAT OTHER SIDE? The side of criminals? The sides of terrorists who wanted to KILL Mike Pence? How convenient you wanted this Christian man assassinated for daring to say that the Constitution and the law had to be upheld.

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