so whose wires are these in frazer?

Reported this to PECO a couple/few weeks back. It is near the Home Depot in Frazer, PA. This is in East Whiteland Township.

Reported this to PECO again, and someone in the community says they may be Verizon’s wires?

So I don’t know whose wires they are, but this is dangerous.

Whomever is responsible can they just take care of it please?

Utility companies expect us to pay our bills promptly, so maybe they can actually take care of things regarding safety promptly too?

If it ends up being Verizon, it doesn’t surprise me because they have old wires from one of their poles up in a neighbor’s tree. They are sloppy.

4 thoughts on “so whose wires are these in frazer?

  1. I believe Verizon wires carry very low voltage so little to no electrocution threat

  2. Recently the power was off …and on…and off again for several hours. PECO sends a text to let me know that they are aware of the outage and it will take so many hours to ‘repair’. When a tree, branch or limb bends the wires to the point that does cause a major or minor electrical outage, PECO, Comcast, Verizon and any other company that has hung wires up from pole to pole do not go to the area to determine whose wire caused the outage to your landline phone, TV, computer, etc.

    Every other year or so PECO hires Asplundh to take down threatening trees, branches and limbs above or close to the wires.

    The road I drive to get to and from work is more like driving through a dense forest.
    One side of the forest is on a hill. For several years now, there are STILL thin branches stretching the wires in one particular place. There is still electrical power.

    I think it is wrong- dangerous for PECO to leave the branches that are stretching the wires yet not causing an outage.

    several years ago I asked one of the ‘tree trimmers’ why they don’t take down the dead tree that’s leaning over the road just waiting for the right car to drive by … I was told it’s not affecting the wires. It wasn’t their responsibility.

    YES, it is ridiculous, and definitely wrong for PECO, PennDot or municipality to wait for the tree to come down onto the road.

    Note: If a tree limb comes down over the phone wire to your house, it’s your problem and you have to call your phone company. The tall Maple tree in my front yard is no longer a liability.

    • Only not sure this is PECO – they usually take care of things like this more quickly so it could be Verizon

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