a love note or two

I just like the Flamingos at the Philadelphia Zoo. They have nothing in fact to do with this post, they just make it prettier.

This post is about the love notes I receive to this website. Made up email addresses with identifiable I.P. addresses which I can indeed publish because these trolls seek me out. If you visit a website, even social media, you are logged. By I.P. address. Sometimes you are even easy to be found by a fake e-mail address. These trolls always have tells that give them away, don’t they?

Truthwins always

Get off your high horse.. And fix your barn. it looks like crap from the road. You can always tell a jealous writer when they attack truth. Keep eating your donuts! Oink oink

~kiss My Ass

Laughing OUTLOUD

Crappy stuff. Wake up.. There is a war going on around you. But keep buying, and keep eating your donuts… keep your head in the sand like a good little brainless monkey!!!. oink oink…


Both comments are in fact from Downingtown. Both say “keep eating your donuts and oink, oink”. Commenting on a post I wrote about the spring preview at Life’s Patina and saying it was crappy stuff made me wonder exactly who it was, because that is a tell.

At the end of the day, these are the kind of people local police departments already have on their radar. These comments in particular are definitely from an unhappy man.

As a woman, every time you speak your truth to your power, you are a target. We are supposed to be bobbleheads and nod and say soothing things. I am not a bobblehead. So I become a pig, a bitch, hysterical female, essentially whatever pops into their heads to denigrate me that particular day. My “fans” are men and women. Both always give themselves away in their desire to be anonymous.

Today, I am calling a Neanderthal a troglodyte in this case.


Because I can.

Kiss kiss haters.