gone fishing

I have blogged for years. I blogged back when blogging was just starting. There were no mommy bloggers talking about Disney cruises and pyramid scheme companies to sell jewelry, nutritional drinks, supplements, cheap clothes. I even had a price put on my head in the dark days of eminent domain in Ardmore by a big mouth outside publicist Lower Merion Township hired once upon a time.

Over the years I have been blogging, I have been threatened quite a bit, screamed at, and more. You name it, truthfully it pretty much has happened. I even had people more than once write guest editorials to local papers and letters to the editor to take pot shots at me.

Once in a great while I have been thanked by people I have helped, and most of the time that happens below the radar because when I help people, it’s not out there in the forefront, it’s done quietly off of any blog and social media. I don’t help for personal glory. I help when I choose to help because I believe in the difference between right and wrong.

I don’t write or do anything for accolades and atta girls. But I also don’t write for the constant armchair critics and keyboard warriors of many political persuasions.

I write first for myself, because I love to write. I also write because I think things are important and should be discussed. The problem with doing that today however, is that so few are capable of having a real conversation.

I get messages and phone calls and emails at all times of the day and night. Even on Sundays. People always telling me that I am the one that “has to do something. “

I am not the one that has to do something. I actually don’t have to do anything. This isn’t my job to fight your battles.

Once in a while quite a few of you need to stand up and be counted and use your own voices for good. You CAN actually do it.

I hadn’t written about the nonsense yesterday masked as a rally in Wilkes Barre here, but I had posted some photos I found floating around on social media since it occurred. Including photos that I know weren’t from yesterday, but were from other rallies of a similar nature, and are representative of some of the people that Donald Trump thinks appropriate to give voices and power to, while limiting the rights of anyone who disagrees with him.

Instead of thinking about why I might have posted that and what it means as an actual threat to democracy, there were quite a few who decided they were going to chide me and accuse me of posting fake news. I was not doing that.

There was one person who kindly said they thought maybe I hadn’t seen the photo before, and they had a conversation back-and-forth with me and we discussed it. To that one person and the others who had posted comments that weren’t accusatory and judgemental of me, sorry but I had enough and took down the post.

I am not anyone’s bitch or lackey in this play of life. I will also not be treated like anyone’s bitch or lackey in this play of life.

I don’t suffer fools lightly and never have.

Between the politically correct who want to fight the politics of evil but they want others to actually do it for them, or the literal sheeple of nastiness following the pied piper with an agenda in Willistown, the Stepford Wives of Totalitarianism, school board nut bags, ridiculous political candidates and more, I have had enough of ALL of your crap and I am saying so.

If you think that you can write better than I can, have at it. It’s fine. Lots of people write. Maybe you should try.

I have a life and I am getting back to it. Y’all can figure it out.

Consider me, gone fishing.

Ciao for now.

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  1. I completely understand. But please don’t stop, you’re doing a real good thing. I wish I could articulate as well as you. Don’t stop
    Walt from East Coventry

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