retired epa official to pa dep: get busy in east whiteland at bishop tube site(s).

I was finally watching the replay of the December 14, 2022 East Whiteland Township Meeting. Here is the full recording:

Now quite honestly, I was not watching the meeting for any other reason that it was the last Supervisors Meeting of the year. No particular issue was driving me to the record.

Up for discussion came 9 and 10 Malin road. 9 Malin Road and 10 Malin Road are parcels adjacent to what we all know as the Bishop Tube site. But apparently unless I misheard, these two parcels were originally PART of what was once Bishop Tube.

Truthfully I am ambivalent about businesses over there. But I still feel strongly about whatever goes wherever that the PA DEP actually gets the clean up done. The PA DEP announced something in September. Haven’t heard anything since. (PA DEP Page for Bishop Tube found here)

So imagine my surprise when Sarah Caspar who is retired from the EPA showed up at the East Whiteland meeting to speak. She basically asked East Whiteland officials what they were waiting for with regard to the PA DEP and this area. Went into details about chemicals. She also called out the PA DEP, essentially telling them to get off of their collective asses and clean the place up so whatever is going to happen over all of what was once Bishop Tube as in the site in it’s entirety can happen. Whether it’s commercial use or residential use, the area needs to be cleaned up and has needed this for DECADES. She also reminded East Whiteland of the literal bad plumes that go under Lancaster Ave, “down east” to People’s Light property etc, etc.

Here are all of her comments: