BREAKING: so remember the guy from the west chester parking authority?

People have been whispering about this for quite a while. No exaggeration. Waiting for West Chester Borough to talk about the issue(s) in Parking Services. Well charges, finally, months later have been filed.

Former West Chester Borough Employee Hector Mojica has been charged as follows as of 1/10/2023:

18 § 3921 §§ A F3 Theft By Unlaw Taking-Movable Prop

18 § 3925 §§ A F3 Receiving Stolen Property

18 § 3927 §§ A F3 Theft By Fail To Make Req Disp Funds

For some reason there had been a rumor about him making restitution, so what happened there? And how was the theft occurring? Emptying parking meters, do people pay tickets in cash? What? HOW MUCH MONEY IS ALLEGEDLY MISSING AND OVER WHAT LENGTH OF TIME?

So guess this is a developing story so maybe some media outlets will take a lookee lou?

I will sign off saying between this and the rain tax and all the other West Chester Borough rumblings, maybe this year will be a bumpy borough year?

2 thoughts on “BREAKING: so remember the guy from the west chester parking authority?

  1. Well past time for some new commissioners. Conservative law abiding types. Remember the people you hire are a reflection on the people who do the hiring.

    • I think you are right they need new borough council people – and I love that people you hire a reflection of the people who do the hiring. That’s pretty cool I like that Helwigism

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