that whiff of je ne sais quois in the air…

First we start with maligning Caroline O’Halloran of Savvy over a certain article. The article as per the temporary Oracle of Wayne as seen above was “twisted, manipulated with a whole bunch of lies with no real facts checked and one sided.”

Yeah well I guess another nuance has been missed by she who takes no accountability is that she was the subject of an article, not a fluff interview? Of course there are two sides to every little story, but please by all means, she should explain to her loyal fans (or are they paid followers? ) how her ends justify any means? Is she saying court dockets lie and so do two local police departments, Radnor and Newtown Township, both in Delaware County?

Clarity here: No one is trying to “run” her away (does she mean drive, perhaps?) , although she seems as if she skipped out on a few communities and different states, oui? All big mistakes there too? And for “she told me I don’t belong here”, who said that? Is that some sort of insecurity speaking? She simply doesn’t get how the Main Line works, and you can’t just move and belong, it takes time, doesn’t it? People don’t just instantaneously let étrangères (strangers) into their lives, and she is that, is she not? Does she not get that? Life isn’t a scripted Bravo reality show.

But to attack a fine woman like Caroline O’Halloran? Meh. Speaks volumes to character, and I can have that opinion.

Apparently I have no free will and this (above) is what she “wanted” me to do? Did you “want” me to show these text messages she sent too? Here, I will post them again….Red is what she said…blue was the sole response of the person she was essentially threatening, or is that how she normally speaks?

Then we get to this next thing. Sharing a photoshop containing Michelle Obama no less. Does she think this magnificent woman of color would condone her behavior?

She dedicated these threats to me? Bless her heart! Let’s start with leave her daughter’s name out of my mouth? Did I ever malign her daughter? Nope. I don’t even know her name. I don’t pick on kids. I will note however, that SHE talks about her daughters on her Instagram “business” page (or one of them, it’s hard to keep up as she has many Instagram personalities, doesn’t she?)

Could I post her kids? Well at least two sure, because they are adults, right? But I won’t because they didn’t create mommy’s messes and you don’t pick on people’s kids, do you?

Oh and by the way I love cows. Ask anyone. Moo.

I need to take care of my health? Another threat? Alrighty and just FYI law enforcement does follow this blog. Je ne comprends pas pourquoi elle aggraverait les choses?

So she then goes on and talks about “rating teeth”? How are we rating them and why?

Karma is a bitch and quoting Kenya Moore from Real Housewives of Atlanta? More threats? Life imitating Bravo? Is that how she sees all this? As her own reality show? Somehow I don’t see Andy Cohen calling her up no matter how many Bravoleberities she poses with in the Hamptons, do you???

She wanted me to post her photos? Does it include this one at the bottom of the post? Or these? Please note that I blurred out her kids.

I wonder does it give her a thrill every single time someone says something about her? I also wonder does she not get the Anna Delvey reference in Melissa Jacobs Main Line Tonight article? And seems to think even part 2 of that series is pro her?

It’s all a very odd, odd thing. She goes on to say attorneys, family, friends tell her to stay off of social media? Yet she can’t. Is she craving attention? Over this? Why? She talks about obsessed, yet she opens the doors with her behavior? And what is with the “By Karen”? Is Karen a personality of hers? Or does she mean “Bye Karen”?

She is obsessed with belonging on the Main Line, right? Proving she’s good enough or something? She is obsessed with getting publicity good, bad, or indifferent? So if people are watching her, she’s getting what she wants so how does that make others obsessed exactly? She creates a buzz all by herself via she is saying online and in interviews, but she does or doesn’t want the attention? Does notorious mean she is selling out of her online store she seems to have on her website? She mentions a “showroom” ? Is that wherever she is living in Wayne? See photo above and is that commercial or is it residential? Looks residential, doesn’t it? ?

And at every turn one gets the whiff of an attempt to make this issue about race? It’s not and never has been about race. It’s about right and wrong, something most children understand, yes? ASPD much?

People have asked me why Melissa Jacobs wrote her two pieces. I don’t know her and I cannot answer that. Ask her. She thinks she was doing the right thing per some public commentary on Facebook:

Sadly, we can’t control how this woman currently in Wayne feels about any of us who are aghast at the behavior, but we have a right to our opinions, only we’re not threatening her, are we? She seems to do that though, doesn’t she? She says she wants to stay, yet she feels she is being pushed out ? How can she be pushed out of a community she really doesn’t belong to? Belonging takes time, and the Main Line is a funny place. It might not be what it was, but it marches to the beat of it’s own drummer so to speak. And some people push themselves out. The psychology here is fascinating.